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Seriously...Get Over It People

Posted on 2013.07.09 at 23:19
Oh, NBCNEWS...sometimes I love the people who leave comments on your articles.  Regarding this article about a faith based group created instead of scouting that will allow gay boys to join but not flaunt their gayness, a few interesting comments:

"Where is the group that caters to children of divorced parents, or parents who were conceived outside of marriage, or children who enjoy shellfish? I mean .... if Christians are going to focus on one "sin", I don't understand why it's always homosexuality? Christians seem crazy obsessed with ass-play ... hmmm."

"Are you serious or just playing dumb? Heterosexual people have never been persecuted for being such. And why is the first thing that always enters your mind is sex? There usually is more to a relationship, gay or otherwise, other than sex. Well, maybe not in your case."

I really just don't get what the big deal is.  Why does who someone falls in love with or is attracted to matter so much?  Why does who someone else marries matter so much?  Why does what color flag they place on their porch matter so much?  Who the fuck cares??  People need to grow up.  Caring about what everyone else thinks is the root of a lot of problems in this world. 

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