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Dear Apt.

Posted on 2013.07.06 at 18:23
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Dear Apt.,

I will not miss the following:

1.  The drunk yelling in the middle of the night.
2.  Fireworks for a week preceding the Fourth of July.
3.  No parking within several buildings of mine if I come home after 8:00 pm.
4.  Crappy plumbing that maintenance cannot fix.
5.  A roof that continues to produce water spots even though maintenance repeatedly claims it is not leaking.
6.  Floors that warp underneath the tiles from the non-leaking roof.
7.  Maintenance requests not being completed in a timely fashion.
8.  A facet that you cannot stop from leaking because you'd have to tear out the wall to fix it.
9.  A toilet you have to trick into flushing.
10.  Overall cheap quality of everything, but the insistence that it keeps up an appearance of high end.
11.  The other clientele that do not pay their bills and thus raise everyone's rent.
12.  The lack of friendliness.
13.  The rude and incompetent staff members.
14.  Stairs that are uneven and sidewalks that randomly crack and slope up or down.
15.  Idiots cutting grass early in the morning when most people have a day off.
16.  Seeing people dressed like prostitutes and gang members.
17.  The smell from the sewage plant and aquatic center that permeates the air.
18.  Paying nearly $800 to put up with a place I hate.

Goodbye Apartment...it's time for you to screw someone else over instead of me.  20 more days and I am out of here! 

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