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Posted on 2013.06.01 at 14:38
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So here is an excerpt that really hit me from this article:

"Think about the fact that one of the worst things you can be in our society is a fat girl. Think about why people are so insistent that women only take up a very small amount of space. Think about who is making these rules. Think about why we try so hard to follow them. Think about how different the world would be if we took all the energy we expend hating our bodies and trying to shrink ourselves down to an arbitrary size, and just lived the life we wanted to live. Just think about it."

My answer is that people perceive a potential threat to their own reality, spawned by their own insecurities/anger/pain with their bodies, relationships, jobs, whatever.  So they seek to either eliminate the threat or to try to bring themselves up by putting others down.  Either way the result is the same; we separate ourselves from our humanity and cast aside what is most important in our short time here.  How sad that we fear what is at the center of who we are; that we fear what unites us;  we fear what truly gives us strength and life;  that we fear being connected to others in such an intimate way that we might feel another's suffering as our own.

I believe there is a light inside of each of us, something beautiful and magical.  And that while our own thread of light is connected to all others, what we contribute to the web of life is our own.  To sever that thread not only leaves the one alone, it makes the web itself weaker.  We allow these thoughts of separateness to fester and grow in our hearts, and like poisoned seeds they branch out in ways we never intended...until we have to choose to be consumed by the poison or release it and heal.  But rarely do people completely let go of their cherished poison.  We cling to the facade and perhaps believe that this is who we are...limiting our minds, bodies, and hearts.  While this article is about weight, the concept is not; all intolerance and hatred is born of this mechanism of separateness (for lack of a better word).

Life can be so wonderful...why do we spend so much time ignoring what is important and focusing on what separates us from each other and ultimately ourselves?  We must love ourselves enough to allow us to love each other and move forward together...only then will we discover who we truly are and all that we may be.

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