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Dark Hours (June 5, 2004)

Posted on 2005.07.05 at 07:58
There is no good in war. Look at the rows and rows of graves...nameless white crosses and stars. Nothing is worth the loss of so much life. War is never the answer. The effects on the human mind, the human spirit, and the human heart are not worth it. So many, so young robbed not only of their youth and a life of purity untainted by the shadows of the soul, but of life. War is never the best answer.

However, I am not so naieve enough to blindly believe that there is another way. For as pure of heart and spirit as you or I may be, if we must fight another who is not pure, our ideals and ways of life will not be respected. To fight evil, one must pretend to be just as cold and calculating as the enemy. It does not excuse us from trying to find any other option first, but when faced with evil the world becomes filled with doubt and shadow. Nothing is black and white and nothing is as simple as it seems. But if we hold on to the light, we have something to fight for, something to hold on to for guidance. If we remain pure in our heart regardless of what we have to do to survive, as hard as it is and as painful as our lives will be afterwards, we will keep our humanity.

War is never the answer, but sometimes it is the only option left. And the fires that the spirit suffers in these difficult times in order to keep its humanity will perhaps purify the ashes so the phoenix will rise and give birth to a new world. Sometimes those who desire peace and happiness in this world must fight the battle in hopes that they will one day live to see others live in that world...

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