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Allen-D. Gray-Man

Tips to Deal with Me

Posted on 2013.03.05 at 23:37
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Re: Everything

1.  Don't assume.
2.  I am not motivated by fear, threats, or punishment.
3.  Be ethical.
4.  It is a two way street...respect, love, friendship; everything.

Re: Endometriosis/IBS/etc.

1.  Educate yourself on the condition first--truly educate, not some bullshit pseudo-medical opinion.
2.  It is very real; it is not in my head.  If you can't deal with it, leave.
3.  There is no cure.  It is not that I just need to relax or try some alternative therapy--I will carry it with me until I die.
4.  You can't understand unless you have a chronic medical condition for which there is no cure, people assume is in your head, and is frequently overlooked so it takes over TEN years before the average diagnosis.

Re: Pregnancy

1.  No, I don't want to see pictures of your baby bump every day, known what you child eats each morning, or want to see constant pictures of how cute s/he is.
2.  I am happy for you, but give me my space and don't assume I'm bitter or in a bad mood if you are constantly talking about babies around me; you are being an insensitive twit.
3.  I don't mind talking about babies sometimes, but not constantly.  In fact I love seeing others so happy, looking through some pictures, and even commenting on the cute-ness of your child...as long as you don't expect it or bombard me with it.
4.  Don't tell me I just need to meet the right person, relax, have one on my own, etc.  You don't understand and you don't know everything I am dealing with...and I didn't ask for your uninformed advice.
5.  Accept that I am basically grieving and understand I will go through the same stages...and it may take me a very long time, especially if you are shoving it in my face constantly.
6.  It will cost you our friendship if you continue to be insensitive and pissy if I don't show up to all your baby stuff, comment on every photo, or talk about how happy I am for you each time I see you.

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