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Posted on 2013.01.06 at 20:37
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Why does everything happen right before I go back to school?  Car is wanting to die at stops and now the creative energy is coming to me.  I guess that's what I get for dealing with health issues most of the break but still.  I'm excited to go back but the next two months are going to be very busy and exhausting.  I have to get my 6-8th graders ready for the festival clinic and concert, a trip to a university with some students to play in an orchestra, a few honor orchestra concerts, an elementary concert, hopefully working out the scale part of the curriculum, a 3-day music workshop, and scholarship auditions.  In less than 8 weeks. 

However, I was looking back at some old posts and checking in on people who are friends and came across kalenight's.  I was just going to leave a message if there were any entries I had missed, just to say hello and reconnect.  For some reason I didn't realize there was a website and figured the lack of journal entries were because life had taken over.  So the website is an online comic, A Broken Winter.  I will warn anyone who goes, it is not for the faint at heart and has a good bit of gore at the beginning, but after the few pages I was intrigued.  I ended up reading it all and now am eagerly awaiting the next chapter.  There were some people who left some negative comments because of the violence, but there was really only one frame that was worse than anything CLAMP has done, or even D. Gray-man for that matter.  I think the horror is not in the picture, but in how disturbing the situation is...and how not so long ago worse was going on in Nazi concentration camps.  (It rather reminds me of some places in Diablo III...)

That said, it is only the backdrop from what I can in which the actual story is unfolding.  By that I mean every chapter isn't a bloodbath and while the situation in the world is part of the plot I have no doubt, there is a bigger plot that seems to be the focus.  They are most likely inter-related, but I am not the author...thus I have to wait.  The artistry is also quite good...much better than Hoshino's where I can't even tell who is who because we all have dark hair with pony-tails and look the same.  (I only say that because I've been reading D. Gray-man lately and she's pissing me off when I can't follow the storyline because I can't tell who the fuck is who.  /rant) 

Anyway, if you are looking for something new and intriguing, a bit of not-so-unrealistic horror doesn't bother you, and you are all for pushing the limits of ultra-conservatives giving a shit what you do in your own bedroom, and don't mind semi-religious/supernatural elements thrown in with a twist of lemon, I highly suggest it.  And hopefully am doing it the justice it deserves and have found in it at least some of what kalenight is hoping to get across.  I am looking forward to seeing how everything plays out.

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