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On the Front Lines

Posted on 2012.09.23 at 23:21
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"You should have gone into medicine."  I almost did.  Genetics to be specific.  I had little interest for the "generic" science classes, opting for genetics, astronomy and related physics.  The reason I chose not to continue in genetics was I could see how useful and powerful that field was/is.  I did not feel that I could live with any advancement I discovered or helped to discover being used for anything other than its intended purpose to improve the lives of individuals throughout society.  If it was used for ill, I wouldn't be able to live with myself.  

I decided it would be better if instead I touched the lives of future in a positive way in hopes the future would choose better and more ethical ways.  So I became a teacher.  What I found was a broken system and a dangerous profession.  Broken because of blaming parents, apathetic teachers, gross abuse of power by administrators, and an insincere government.  Don't misunderstand, not all parents, teachers, administrators, and government officials are like this, but this is the reason the system is broken.  The majority cling so tightly to their ignorance and prejudice it's appalling.  

I intended to teach the future to think for themselves, to question what was right, to look within for the answers to what was ethical.  I had no idea this was dangerous teaching.  All it takes is to piss the wrong person off to start a lie or rumor and my career is done.  I am left with a choice of taking this risk or becoming a drone just like the rest and perpetuating an intentionally broken system.  One that creates a generation of people who do not think or question, they follow and celebrate the scraps they have at the expense of others; a society who cares nothing for others and seeks only selfish gratification.  

I left a path in medicine for fear of the corruption only to find a career in education to be much more sinister, albeit covert.  I do not understand why one of the most important professions in the world tolerates such incompetence and ignorance when the most mundane of companies would not.  And our government perpetuates it.  It is not republican or democrat, it is who has the money and power vs. who does not.  All I can hope to achieve is to touch as many lives as possible as long as I can in hopes that they will start the change this world so desperately needs...before we destroy it, or ourselves.

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