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Posted on 2005.10.23 at 21:56
Current Music: wakare no kyoku ~FMA OST 3
Hmm...feel free to comment. Personally I think this keeps getting weirder and weirder. :P

"What will you do now? There is no one left to save you. Your brother is ours and your beloved friend doesn't even know where you are..."

She struggled against the nails penetrating her skin while the vile laughter echoed throughout her body. 'Why father, why create such abominations if you knew we had no chance of winning this battle?' The hand began to tighten around her neck, her feet dangling beneath her and--

"Sir? Are you alright? We heard noises."
After a few deep breaths, "Yes, I'm fine. It was...a dream."
"Are you sure you are alright? Should I call for--"
"No, I'm fine. Just a little shaken. Thank you."

The soldier hesistated a moment more, as if convincing himself she truly was okay before turning and closing the door. It wouldn't be uncommon for a person to have such restless sleep on the eve of war, and she had more cause for them than most.

"A dream." She shivered against the air now chilling the sweat against her skin. She was so lost in her thoughts she didn't even hear him enter.


He couldn't exactly say his treatment was pleasant, but compared to what his sister had endured it was merciful. He was fed, watered, and kept safe. The tortures he was subjected to were more odd than painful, not that he remembered much of them. They always put him in a trance before the rituals began and his memories were foggy at best. Still...they must need Kiera to actually complete the rituals, or at least obtain their objective. Otherwise they surely would have finished by now. Which meant he would be kept alive until she was captured.

The thought brought little comfort as a torch flickered in the hallway. He tried to convince himself he would stay awake this time, focused on remembering something more...something he might use to help him escape.

The figure he encountered this time was different than the others. Where a grotesque form should have been, a elegant figure silouhetted his doorframe. As the man approached, the face was serene and lacking the fear and tormented features of the others. His eyes widened at the man's voice, soft and warm and oh so enthralling. It didn't matter that he was a man, his voice was exciting and captivating and his words flowed like honey over his dark thoughts, almost healing. Almost.

He was laid in the middle of a large circle drawn on the floor. There were runes within the circle that reminded him of his father. Vaguely it registered that there were points where lines were connected forming a five pointed star. He started to move, but then he heard the voice.

"Omni deus...serpenta narita formus encora. Viv en cielente. Viv en terra. Viv en hominus..."

As the words echoed in the young boys ears, he was overcome with peace, drunk off the sweet intonations of the voice. He now knew what it was like to love and hate something. He felt the blade pierce his wrist, felt as the blood trickled down onto the runes, but was too intoxicated to care. His brain screamed to fight, but his body wanted to laugh. As the battled continued, he felt the reaction as more of his blood was spilled.

There was a soft glow in the room, the star faintly glowing and still that voice...the voice that made him quiver in fear and excitment, ceaselessly chanting. He wondered want the words meant, and then all too suddenly he heard his own voice, but the words were not his own.


"If I'm dreaming of them killing me...if they are still fighting and haven't completed their objective even with him captured...that means...Aidan...Aidan's not..."
"Not the one they need."
She jumped at the familiar voice. "What are you doing here?"
"Looking for you."
"You have other responsibilities. I can take care of myself or haven't you learned that already?"
"What I have learned is that you will take on more responsibility than you can handle."
"Hmph. Why are you here?"
"You cannot defeat this alone."
"Like hell I can't. You think you can help? They are demons Duncan, not soldiers. The fear of looking at one can kill, much less engaging in battle with them. Go home, that is where you will be needed should anything go wrong."
"Then I guess I'll have to make sure nothing goes wrong." He came and sat next to her.
"What do you mean?"
"Just what I said."
"Duncan, I'm serious. Leave. I don't want your death on my hands."
Suddenly he grabbed her shoulders with a forcefulness she had seen only a few times before, "That will never be the case. If I die in this it is because I am choosing to be here."
"And why are you choosing to be here?"

He let go, looking away. "I...it doesn't matter."
"Yes it does. I'll be the one that will have to tell your wife why you died, why you refused to stay at home with her and came with me."
"That fire, is brighter now that I ever remember it as a child."
"What?" She shifted, uncomfortable with his gaze locked on hers.
"In your eyes, that fire." He reached up to touch her cheek.
"Stop." She took his wrist and looked down. "The past is in the past, leave it there. I need to know why you are here now."
There was a moment of silence as he retracted his hand, "Because...some things from the past don't die."

Her eyes met his in sorrowful surprise, lacking any words. "Duncan..."
"So if it is you they are after, you must be careful." He stood up abruptly and began to pace. "You know this is probably a trap you are walking into."
"So why do it? Chances are they will not kill Aidan regardless, he is the only leverage they have over you."
"Because there is no other way. Besides, I have a few surprises of my own." She offered him a weak smirk, even though the moon offered no light this night.
He sighed, "all right then. Sleep. I'll watch over you and don't argue. As you said yourself, I can't exactly be of much help with a demon, so I'll have to depend on your strength for that."

With that, he settled himself in a chair next to bed, picking up a book that was sitting on the table. It was a book he always read to her and Aidan as children. The world as seen through the eyes of a child. A world of magic and love and freedom. But even the eyes of a child understand that it is only a fantasy. A sad smile grace his lips at he noticed she had finally settled down.

For some reason his presence, although akward at first, was comforting and soon she found herself in a deep dreamless sleep.


He was on an altar, laughing as the rain burned the trees. He could hear the screams all around him and still, it was like the sounds tickled his ears. Then he saw his sister.

"Aidan! Aidan, it's me, Kiera. Come with me...I'm taking you home. Aidan?"

He made no attempt to move, just laughed. "Aidan, what's wrong? What--" Hands grasped her on either side. She struggled, but it was futile. "Aidan!"

"Your brother is ours, he always has been." She shuddered at the voice, but whether it was in repulsion or ecstasy was unclear. "Now that we have you, all shall be complete. Ask him yourself."

"Kiera, you were a fool to come here. Did you really think you could free me? After all you have seen and learned you should have known, we are far too weak to fight them."
"NO! Aidan, whatever they've done, fight it! You are stronger than this!"
"No, dear sister. I am their vessel. I am the serpant come back to life, but the brother you knew is but a shell. We are one, the soul that was split is finally joined."
"NO! NO! This isn't true! Aidan, fight!"
"But it is true. This is who I am, and you are the sacrifice. It is what you were born to do...to set me free."
"NEVER! I would never--"
"Die for your brother?"

Her eyes opened in shock of the words in her throat. She squinted at the tears, "You are NOT my brother!"

As he looked into her eyes filled with rage and hatred, "Kiera?" The voice was soft and confused, just like it should have been. Then he saw the fear in her eyes, the absolute terror and the laughter echoed in his ears again.

© Kalla October 23, 2005


(Anonymous) at 2009-06-23 05:43 (UTC) (Link)

This is funny. A good distraction from the days work.|

Can I put this article to my site?
Thanks for the information
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