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Why Matters

Posted on 2012.09.19 at 18:01
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"I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning." ~Plato

I am curious what the other curricula look like based upon this grading...mess.  It makes me wonder if the others are such that skills are focused on, taught, and assessed in isolation...  And if this is how the curriculum is set up, is the thinking behind it sufficient to help our students overcome the obstacles they face?  (If addition is taught only with the goal of answering addition problems rather than how they will need to apply it to understand multiplication later, aren't we doing the students a disservice?)  

Our curriculum was created so that skills were intentionally integrated together.  Music is important for all of the beauty it intrinsically provides, the history it recalls that transcends time, and the connection to what makes us the most human.  However, I agree with Plato.People seem to see the objectives as a checklist rather than a continuum.  It makes me wonder if I question things because I'm a musician or just an annoying personality trait.  

When people read the news and comment, rarely did they question the validity of what they read.  My dad and brother complain of new hires that just want to know what to do, but have no interesting in understanding how or why and thus constantly ask the same question.  

People talk about tests, etc etc etc.  The tests aren't why we should change...the people who don't question, who don't care to understand and be independent--THAT is why we must change things.  And shouldn't that start with the thinking behind our curriculum?  And does that not start with how we are going to assess the levels of proficiency to ensure they truly are thinking?  Maybe my perspective is clouded or incomplete, and if not...I hope the students' minds are stronger than those that created this mess.

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