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Earth's Plea

Posted on 2012.09.15 at 21:57
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Enough, just stop.  We have people, children, suffering every day...people who don't get enough to eat, who are sick, who have been hurt by society turning its blind eye...  Yet what do we see in the news?  Hateful, angry remarks on politics, on stopping those from speaking out and asking for worth, a blatant display of ignorance and lack of compassion.  

This is a beautiful world, but we are destroying it.  Stop the hatred, stop the anger, stop the pain, stop the ignorance, stop the apathy, stop the selfishness...please stop.  We are destroying ourselves...all our dreams, hopes, and love is tinged with shadow.  Learn to live, to see, to hear all that is around you.  Learn to understand and grow.  Please.  It is so difficult to fight for hope when surrounded and bombarded by the darkness society is obsessed with right now.  

A darkness present not in action or words, but in our thoughts and hearts.  A darkness that does not fill, but is the absence of humanity within our thoughts; an all consuming void that draws us in like addicts to a drug.  And like moths flying to the flame, we will burn with all our lost hopes and dreams if we continue on this path.

Step outside of yourself and see what you can do for the world, not what everyone can do for you.  Live your life with the purpose of making the world a better place, not to make your name remembered or keep your standard of living.  We have forgotten what sacrifice is for...and we have forgotten what unites us as not just a country, but as humanity.  You are teaching the future by your angry words, chosen ignorance, and blind eye.  

Doesn't the future deserve more than that?  Aren't we the ones to give it to them?  There is enough pain and suffering already...please, own up to your own actions, let go of comfortable ignorance, and work together for growth of ourselves as people.  Everyone must work together to solve these problems.  Stop allowing ourselves to be divided; rather let us stand united to give our children the future they should have.  We are all connected in this web of life...we must remember this connection to stay true to our own hearts, lest we forget ourselves.

I grieve for what the world could have been...please don't let us grieve for what will never be.  Individual lives have enough pain without the weight of humanity's pain on their hearts as well.  Maybe I'm just sensitive but so be it.  No one has the right to take away the dreams and future of children.  Let us cultivate hope instead of despair and overcome these petty limitations; the human mind and heart are capable of so much more than this.  

Please, just stop.  Wake up and open your eyes...and heart.

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