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Month Two of Lupron/Norethindrone

Posted on 2012.09.09 at 00:11
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The biggest issue continues to be the utter exhaustion.  The past two weeks it has been worse, but that may be because of the added workload.  I did have pain and a period at the end of the first month that lasted a little over a week.  I love how my body disregards regulating medicines when it come to my reproductive system.  That should have been the last cycle though until the treatment is complete.  I have had some pains without bleeding about a week afterwards, but it was only about two days worth.

Other issues have included acne...like the acne that is under the skin and swells into painful bumps you can do nothing about.  I have a few around my groin area, under my arm, and on my neck right at the hairline.  I think they are in places I usually sweat or where sweat gets trapped.  I also think I get Bartholin's Cysts or something similar, but I also had it prior to treatment.  My skin is also dry, but the vaginal dryness is most noticeable.  Not horrible, but occasionally uncomfortable.  I have had a some emotional roller coaster days, but they really haven't been all that bad--a little grouchy one day or a little prone to tears another.

I have gained about ten pounds which I'm not happy about, but there are times when I am hungry all day so I'm betting that combined with the exhaustion is causing it.  My joints are also sore and achy this week as opposed to other weeks.  I already had migraines before but I have had headaches more frequently since I started treatment...they don't quite reach migraine level however.  I also continue to have spells where I am freezing cold--the point I sleep with a heating pad, down comforter, fleece blanket, fleece pj's, sheets, and a quilt.  I have recently been having bouts of indegestion and nausea so I am considering trying omeprazole as it has helped before with those symptoms.  

Mostly I just wish my body didn't want to sleep all day and night, and that when I did sleep I woke feeling rested, energized, and ache free.  Perhaps soon...besides, in the end if it works this will be worth the frustration.  I really am not ready to give up the hope of having a child.  

I also have a beautiful dreamcatcher above my bed to help with the stress-induced nightmares.  

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