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Using Tragedy to Push Your Agenda and Ideologies is Sick

Posted on 2012.07.21 at 23:12
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The people using the recent shooting in Aurora as a means to push their political or religious agendas and ideologies are sick and twisted aberrations of the human race.  Why is it that every time there is a tragedy morons come out of the woodwork to proclaim how it's due to a political agenda or they have to highlight how the republicans/democrats are responding to it, turning the tragedy into a race to highlight politics.  Then the other idiots show up proclaiming it's either God's will or God's wrath.  These people make me sick.  

While we should be mourning and supporting victims, people are too busy trying to prove a stupid ultimately moot point.  This not only infuriates me but sickens me.  It's bad enough to face the darkness that someone is capable to take so many lives and destroy countless others, but to then have to face the even greater darkness of the soul...that there are people who will prey upon the emotions fueled by such a tragedy to get what they want; it's just despicable.  

When someone is a disturbed individual capable of such a tragedy, there is no political reason or religious reason for it.  It is solely the choices of an individual, or a few individuals.  God does not make decisions for us.  Politics do not force such a decision.  Get over yourself--your agenda and ideologies pale in comparison to the suffering of the victims.  They do not help anyone; not the victims, not the family of the accused, not people trying to help...in fact it rarely even helps the God or true political agenda these pricks claim to be pushing for; it only helps the person spewing such hateful nonsense.  These people are just pathetic leeches on society and humanity; it should be a crime.  

Darwin, Romney, and Obama had nothing to do with what happened at that movie theater.  Stop trying to make something more out of it than a lunatic going in and gunning down innocent victims that will now be held accountable for his crimes.   Support the survivors, the families and friends of the victims, and the criminal's family.  None of these people asked for this and they are all victims along with those who lost their lives.  Support them by respecting privacy, by giving common courtesy, and by helping when they are ready.  Make the situation better, not worse.  If you need to speak out, express yourself, fight for what this tragedy has stirred in you...go ahead.  Just make sure you stay true to that and don't get sucked into using the tragedy to suit your needs rather than letting it be the driving force behind it.  A true cause does not need tragedy to prove its point.

Also, don't cheapen the impact of a tragedy by only letting its impact last a short time.  If it moved you, keep those views you changed.  So often we see people cross lines of class, race, sexual orientation, politics, etc. in the wake of tragedy...only to quickly forget it.  Don't let that happen...it only speaks to who you are when it does.

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