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Random Update

Posted on 2012.04.15 at 21:29
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I feel like I should update...so...

Yesterday I went to dinner and to a concert where my students on scholarship performed with DBR. I am so very proud of them! I also learned two of my former students earned I ratings at the Regional Solo Competition and will be going to State. Then I had a former student ask for my contact information to send me a graduation invitation. I'm so proud of them!

However, my intestines decided to act up. While at the concert, they completely digested my dinner and by the end I had to hurry out to prevent an accident. It was embarrassing and the cramps were painful. I just barely dropped the other teacher off and made it home before I had another attack. When people wonder why I don't go out much...this is one reason. I tried to do what the doctors said and avoid trigger foods, but apparently my body has its own trigger foods. It's so frustrating.

It makes it hard to lose weight because my body digests the foods so quickly they don't really get the nutrients I need and I end up hungry again. I think because of this, it is storing fat thinking to prepare for not getting nutrients. At least I started to get my weight to go back down again. Still frustrating...you'd think as much as I have this issue of diarrhea I would be losing weight, but that's not the case. I'm just constantly exhausted.

Anyway, aside from that issue, I'm gearing up towards the end of the school year and the release of the long awaited Diablo 3. I can't wait--May 15th! (Although school gets out the 24th.) I have two of the six concerts down now and this Friday I have off so I'm excited for a three day weekend! I should also find out soon which students were accepted into the scholarship program for next year (like the ones I mentioned above) so I am hopeful.

A few years ago the color I used to put highlights in my hair was discontinued.  It was a reddish blond, which matched my real hair color pretty well.  I liked it because my hair seems to have a light of different colors in it depending on the lighting and that color seemed to even it out.  I have been using just straight blond ones since, but I didn't like it as well since my hair has red tones in it naturally (I had bright red hair as a baby and then it lightened).  I finally found one the other day that is just as effective as I remember.  I was so happy with it I even took pictures after the concert and posted them on facebook.  

I've also been rereading Tokyo Babylon and will reread X afterwards. The community seems to be getting some new life and the story of Subaru and Seishirou is one of my all time favorites, if not THE all time favorite. I did find some icons to add from another community member.  I'm also reading The Silmarillion. I reread Lord of the Rings so I'm going to give that one a go again.  

So now I think it's time for bed. ^_^

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