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Posted on 2005.10.20 at 22:49
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I had an interesting conversation with one of the janitors at a school today. Janitors can be remarkable people. Neither of us could understand why the government and schools push to limit students instead of emopowering them. There is more to life than reading and math and only educating that part of the person will lead to a society deprived of the important things in life. These decisions effect the future...what kind of society do we want to create? What type of people do we want living in it?

Took my Japanese tests...I did so much better than last time. Thank God. Been back at the gym all week and am a bit sore, but I feel good about going and trying to live a healthier life. I am so tired however, that I forgot what I was going to post so I'll leave you with this thought.

If you look into a stranger's eyes, you will see a reflection of yourself.


maat_ka_ra at 2005-10-21 20:37 (UTC) (Link)
they wouldnt want to give an education to ppl that could possible free them now would they? nah, the school systems are literally brainwashing insititutionally rasict jails which are designed to make certain groups fail and others thrive to continue the consumerism& dependency needed to help the capitolist govt...
try reading this book called black power... you will LOVE it... assata shakurs biography too
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