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Pissed is an Understatement

Posted on 2012.01.18 at 20:10
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So. Last week was just fucked up. I went off at a coworker because it had been a shitty week and I misunderstood what he was saying. Then I was observed for my evaluation--which went well, I just hadn't slept and wasn't myself so I think it sucked. Then this weekend everyone around me had either major things going on or medical emergencies. Then my administrator misunderstood my email and each time I thought I was explaining better it got worse.

So today. I asked my administrator and she made a comment about so many emails but that yes she did understand by the end. I get that and felt bad, but I kept trying to end the conversation and she kept reading more into my email than the actual words. I worded the first one poorly so that is probably why. Meh. Anyway.

SOPA and PIPA. What the fuck? You planning to tell me what and how I should think next? What the fuck is wrong with people that this shit can even be on the radar of existing? How stupid are morons who vote for this crap--and how short sighted they are to see the true effects of it down the line. If you can't see past today, stay out of politics and someone take away their voting rights. What the fuck!?

So this afternoon... We have to watch a meeting with the superintendent--live. We get it queued up and it's like a freakin' strobe light of a video feed on crack. We understood about one out of every twenty words or so and the distortion in the image gave several of us migraines by the end. I physically was nauseated from the jerky movements.

Not to mention it was about how our governor, which I did NOT vote for his sorry ass, is taking funding away from the schools. Everyone will get the same. Apparently having high poverty, ESL population, and students with special needs means you need no more funding that a district that has very few students in those categories. Yes, we don't need any interventions or extra support...I mean, they just have to pass tests right? /sarcasm BUT we can tax the county more to help cover any extra costs.

Now. We are currently receiving the same budget per student as we did in 1996 (roughly $4000 per student), despite the research that the SAME FUCKING GOVERNMENT conducted showing we need $6,600 per student. So we already have a deficit even WITH our current extra funding for ESL, SPED, and at risk interventions. Second, if our neighboring districts that don't have nearly the number of students that fall into ESL, SPED, or at risk/poverty, tax their residents it will generate about 2.9 billion. If we tax the same 1%, we will get about $345,000. Yeah...that's fair...

Not to mention we would be taxing the POOREST people to come up with the GREATEST need. AND, this fuckhead is going to take the lowest third of tax payers and raise their income taxes $200 while not raising the top two thirds at all. How is this moron in office? Are all the people in this state fucking retarded or do they actually work at being selfish inconsiderate beings--because I refuse to call them human. The FUTURE of this entire country is in its youth...but apparently the state of Kansas values it so little the rich cannot be inconvenienced to provide the funding their own research has proven is needed to ensure the future isn't full of criminal idiots.

For anyone who cares: I teach in a school that is sinking into the ground--literally from sinkholes, where I have to go flush toilets in unused dressing rooms so the sewer system doesn't back up and cause a horrible stench, our "working" sewer system keeps malfunctioning, we have black spots in the ceiling where the roof leaks but the district claims is no mold, we don't fit in any of my buildings--kids are crammed 30+ into a classroom in some cases, scheduling bows down to testing, 90% of the student body is ESL, nearly all our kids are on free and reduced lunch, and the heat in my room is 40-50 degrees when it's below freezing outside because they won't actually fix the heater. Oh, and the light board in the auditorium--which is where I teach--is fused together because it was sparking and they were afraid it would cause a fire, yet refused to spend the money to replace it.

Here's the hell of it...we pulled ourselves off of improvement completely despite the lack of resources and the high number of ESL students. We continue to have the arts, albeit greatly disrupted and nearly as successful as we could be due to scheduling, despite all the challenges. We are pulling the students up and building a community with the parents. So this fucktard thinks we should do MORE improvements with LESS support?

I wish these moronic assholes in government could be FORCED to work in the conditions I teach in and in which my students are being successful. And if they are not way more successful than our kids, they should be fired and their salaries given to the schools--to the KIDS they are depriving of an education. Rage doesn't even begin to express how I feel and there are not words despicable and moronic enough to express my disgust at the gross disrespect the Kansas legislature is throwing at the future of this country.

May they reap the intolerant close-minded hateful selfish inconsiderate callous seeds they are trying to sow and get exactly the same treatment back. Utterly pathetic and narcissistic. And what a sorry excuse to keep your own benefits and pay--at the expense of your children's future. What an appalling shirking of duty to the citizens of Kansas, especially the children. What a gross dereliction of duty.



akiko_kalla at 2012-01-19 02:54 (UTC) (Link)
Well, considering where you live I doubt you voted for this jackass so no worries. ^_^ Thank you though. *hugs*

Just been a long week. Somethings have gone well--like my kids and the rehearsals--and my administrator didn't seem angry which is good because she's doing my evaluation lol. I'm just kinda of stressed from the upcoming orchestra festival, money because I had to get a phone since mine completely broke, and my health.

I really just need a weekend to myself I think. But I do love my phone even if money is going to be really tight until the 30th.

Edited at 2012-01-19 02:54 am (UTC)
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