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Rosetta Stone

Posted on 2012.01.15 at 20:57
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I just lost a lot of respect for you Rosetta Stone. Posting asking if Americans really weren't interested in learning other languages or about other cultures? And then allowing the negative comments that ensued? Fuck you.

For the record, the assumption is asinine as it implies all those who didn't settle from Britain yet are American citizens, not American which is completely false. Second, teaching in an urban district of all places I see a lot of interesting in learning about language and culture--many of my kids are bilingual already, but are limited by money. Not desire, not even location, but money.

I myself speak four languages, three of which I can read. I am still studying Japanese kanji so I do not consider myself fluent enough to claim to read it. Moreover, many students--even from the ghetto--have traveled outside the United States. Because our country is not sandwiched between several others we do not have the opportunities to practices as someone who grows up in say, Switzerland where just going to the next town you get to practice French and German among other languages.

How extremely narrow minded of you Rosetta Stone, to foster the idea that the youth and future of this country will be lazy, monolingual, isolationists with little interest in the rest of the world past their doorsteps. There is a huge difference between having the opportunity and lack of interest in taking it.

How incredibly irresponsible of you Rosetta Stone to let this continue on and on...and how incredibly pathetic such narrow minded posters think. I completely understand having had some bad experiences and wondering if all of America was that way, or even seeing it reported or hearing about someone else's experiences. But to assume the entire populace is that way? Are you that stupid?

When I was in France, I saw a great number of people peeing off the side of the road. The Seine was very dirty and people were often rude. I don't assume all the land of France is dirty and its people rude and uncouth. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people!?

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