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The Spiritual Answer to Religious Troll-Bigots' Existance

Posted on 2011.12.22 at 16:50
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So I was reading some comments on MSNBC, a dangerous thing, and someone posted excerpts from the bible in response to the article. The article was discussing the fact that many gay and lesbian soldiers are still uncomfortable for various reason to be open about their sexual orientation and the effectiveness of repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell." Granted I had a problem with them portraying one of the stories of a soldier who had a wife and kids and didn't want her to find out about his secret life as it seemed to be the one they did the most research on, but it's the media and now a days the media is more interested in sensationalism than the truth. The rest of the article itself made me want to say, "DUH!" Just because you say it's safe to be open doesn't mean it is. That is something that you carry with you your whole life and until America itself decides to pull its head out of its ass--for you can still legally be fired in most states based upon sexual orientation--I doubt very much people will feel it is truly acceptable or okay to be open. Not to mention just as relationships in heterosexual couples are sometimes kept very private because the two are private people, the same happens in gay and lesbian relationships. I found it very dense and insensitive of the reporters to not realize this.

Anyway, some jackass posted a paragraph of bible verses and then argued that gays were destroying America's morals and leading to our impending doom. Many people responded to the troll, all of them that I read disagreeing, but one made a comment that really stood out to me: "Because there's a difference between worshiping God and worshiping one's religion."

How incredibly true. I had never really thought of that so bluntly. The people spewing so much hatred in God's name are not worshipping any God, but the man-made religion that has changed and continues to change to suit the times and preferences of its followers. Granted some religions have changed very little, but I don't know of any that have gone completely unchanged in every way...I could be wrong. If nothing else, the language is updated or translated and just that act in and of itself loses a piece of the original. Not to mention reading or practicing in today's context is often very different, especially for the young, than if they were reading or practicing in the past.

This one phrase though sums up well what the idiots are doing however. They have lost touch with the actual tenants their faith is based upon, unless it is a hate based faith of course, and are choosing to bastardize and twist the words and ideas to suit how they feel the world should be. They are getting caught up on a few phrases rather than the message...the bible is a large work, not a few passages repeated over and over. To look at just one passage in isolation is to miss the point. It also fits well with my personal belief that if there is a God, Universal Consciousness, or whatever, it may have different names in each religion, but it is in essence the same and transcends all religions.

In contrast to this hatred...the Navy had its first same-sex kiss upon a ship returning home. Apparently one person is selected from a raffle and that person kisses their loved one upon their return and this time it happened to be a lesbian couple. The people around them cheered and the picture was very sweet. It's easy to forget progress takes time, and it's easy to miss the small moments like this as time passes but those moments are the reason progress must happen. For from these moments are born the memories that we cherish in our hearts that make a black and white canvas of life vivid with color; indeed many would say they make life worth living.

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