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People Make Me Sick

Posted on 2011.12.11 at 20:53
Current Music: Nightsong ~Arkenstone, Gentle Rain
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I saw on a site for cat lovers a woman post about her cat that got hit by a car, all its front teeth were knocked out and it just acts like it's in pain so she isn't taking it to the vet because she knows they'll just want to make her spend hundreds on pain meds. I wish there was a way to report her and take the animal away from her. She doesn't deserve to be a pet owner. She deserves to be hit by a semi, since that's about the right scale, and then have someone refuse to take her to the doctor even though they keep stating they have the money to do so. What a selfish conceited bitch. More concerned about being right and telling everyone than the welfare of your pet.

You ma'am are NOT a cat lover; you are devoid of all compassion for animals. And you do not deserve to have any in your appalling care. Do you also belong to the Humane Society and have that fleece pull-over and bag to wear proving you care? Rather than actually, you know, giving a shit? It pisses me off that you can get away with your cruelty because our laws don't recognize a pet's life as an actual life. FUCK YOU BITCH! I pray that your cat either passes quickly with little pain or that it can heal and escape to the hands of someone who will actually be a responsible pet owner and love it as it deserves. You make me sick!

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