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Random Updates

Posted on 2011.12.10 at 21:53
Current Music: Sunshower ~Gentle Rain, Arkenstone
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My kitty is doing a lot better and I hope it continues.

Had some students perform their compositions for the class on Friday and they were actually pretty good. I also had an awesome rehearsal in a few of my classes. Now I just need to figure out how to get my sixth grade class to run like that. Student quote: "Juan Sebastian Bach." Ahh yes, no forgetting where I teach but at least it's amusing when it's not adorable/educational.

Had some really weird dreams last night. Very random and very fuzzy now. But the type of dreams that leave you going what the fuck?

I did make a new lj icon though! I really like how it turned out. It's Lavi and Yuu from a doujinshi of D. Gray-man, Hana. I also have the picture as my desktop. It's a beautiful doujinshi.

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