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Inspiring Week with Cold Medicine

Posted on 2011.12.03 at 21:09
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Well...this week had pretty conflicting events.

By Thursday I was back at the doctor because I was coughing up blood. Definitely a new experience. The good news was it isn't pneumonia. The bad news was it is bronchitis that has irritated my lungs so much the tubes are bleeding a little. I started an antibiotic and while I am finally starting to feel a little better, I am concerned it will not be strong enough and this will come back.

On the other hand I had some really awesome rehearsals towards the end of the week. My students are really getting into the music and starting to make music rather than just play the notes on the page. They can feel it and are moving with it which is probably the one experience I wanted to give them before they leave me; music is more than just fun--it is part of you. They also started getting the parts of the more difficult festival piece and I felt so much better about my decision to just take 7/8th grade instead of 6/7/8th.

The week ended today with an all day rehearsal and performance. (Like 6:15 to 4:30 all day.) I was so proud of all of my students and they really carried their weight in the music. Maybe not first chair, but solid. All of my students were there. I took pictures and couldn't resist when I saw three of my older students with their younger sibling. All are either my student or soon-to-be student, so I had them stand next to their brother/sister and took pictures. Absolutely adorable! I'm just so proud of them.

There were some rather frustrating issues that popped up today, but they couldn't put a dent in how I felt. Even with the continued coughing...it was an awesome end to the week!

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