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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted on 2011.11.24 at 21:43
Well, I did have a good time visiting with family and eating way too much food, but I'm sick again and not very happy about it. I thought it was just the cough left over from when I was sick about a month ago, but now my head is hurting, body aching, throat is starting to hurt, and the cough is getting worse. Looks like I will be spending tomorrow at Urgent Care to hopefully get something to make it through the next three weeks as I have too many concerts to be slowed down by an illness. Hopefully everyone will be shopping and not at Urgent Care.

And my car is acting up and sounding like a motor boat at times. I am hoping it is just a small hole in the muffler or it's loose or something relatively easy and cheap to fix. I really don't have the money for a big repair...I've had to save money up to have an oil change.

It was a little difficult to see my one grandmother because she is so weak. She can hardly hold her head up anymore and has to wear gloves because her circulation is so poor. I think it's one of my fears of getting old...that I will have to watch my body deteriorate and be helpless to stop it, but it really bothers me. I wish I could do something to help her.

So I'm eating leftovers, having a drink, taking some cold medicine and heading to bed. At least when I'm asleep I can't feel sick.

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