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Posted on 2011.11.06 at 00:11
Seriously. Earthquakes are not that big of a deal unless they are massive. They happen all the time and go unnoticed because they are too small or only shake things for a few seconds and people dismiss them. Check out the US Geological Survey sometime and see all the seismic activity that goes on that we never hear or notice.

People in Oklahoma have quakes all the time and my mom and step-father slept through it. Granted it was significant in that you could feel the shaking, you knew it was an earthquake, but it wasn't something to freak out about. It's not like it is even out of the ordinary; it was just a little stronger this time. My step-father is a geologist and he feels there's nothing to worry about the quakes in Oklahoma. He feels like a quake up in say, Yellowstone National Park where there's an active volcano is far more worrisome.

Why do people freak out about natural stuff like this? Earthquakes aren't uncommon--in fact they are quite commonplace. Besides, they aren't a sign of something horrible to come but a sign that the Earth is releasing its tension to prevent some huge and violent release. I just don't understand people sometimes...

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