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Posted on 2011.11.03 at 22:29
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I think in words and sounds. I'm finding that is not as common as I once thought. When people listen to music it paints a picture or depicts an action or movement. When people read or watch a movie, they are focusing on the images created or on the action of the story and how it progress. I don't.

We all process things with all our senses, but we usually prefer one or two ways to learn or think. Everyone uses words and sounds to think, but not everyone uses them almost exclusively. When I hear music I don't see or feel movement; I hear words of thoughts flowing through my mind and I hear and describe the individual and overall sounds in words. When I read or watch a movie, I'm focused on what is said, how it is said, the inflection in the voice, the accents, etc.

My thoughts are in words; I process ideas in words; I manipulate the sounds of language and music to express myself; I manipulate the sounds of music and words to learn. There is never a moment, even in complete stillness, where I do not have words flowing through me or am unable to hear the simple ambiance around me. When I communicate it is through sound (music) or words. I choose my words specifically, precisely, and literally--intending them to mean exactly what they are supposed to mean. Most people do not seem to understand that and misinterpret what I say, so I try to be more specific leading to more confusion on their part and frustration on mine.

Unless I type /sarcasm, a smiley or lol, or actually laugh...I mean exactly what I say. And it confuses me when you take what I said as something other than the definition of the words and grammatical statements I made to you. I chose those words on purpose to be understood, so I don't know why you would change the meaning. I'm not saying you are wrong, just this is how I communicate and I don't understand how to improve my communication with you if you keep assuming you know what I'm saying rather than listening to the words I'm using to tell you precisely what I mean.

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