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Posted on 2011.10.02 at 16:05
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Two nights ago I dreamed I was a child again. Everyone's clothing looked like the 70's or possibly 60's. I don't remember much other than going up in an elevator and seeing a lot of people that were my "family." (None of whom really looked like my family.) I had siblings I don't have. It was a celebration of some sort and I realized I have had this dream before and was equally confused. I remember a big rectangular pool and I felt like something wasn't quite right or was going to happen. It was very strange.

Last night I dreamed I was with other orchestra teachers and we were outside. We had been having rehearsals in this old run down barn looking building. The old trees around it had caught fire and it was spreading and started to burn the roof. No one else seemed to notice or care so I went into the building to get the stuff I needed and didn't want to risk losing and then left. I remember watching the fire thinking about it spreading but without any real fear or sense of urgency. It was like I was outside of it, knowing no one was in any real danger and that no one was going to get hurt; it was just going to burn those trees and the buildings that were old and falling apart. I remember thinking it was pretty.

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