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Bug Bites Gone Wild

Posted on 2011.09.22 at 21:48
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Saturday my mom and stepfather took me to dinner for my birthday. The restaurant was extremely crowded so I suggested we sit outside. The place was down town in a concrete jungle--no grass to be seen. I felt something on my foot and I swatted at it. Within minutes it was itching so I figured I would have a few mosquito bites.

The next day I counted seventeen bites. They itched and I just figured they would go away. I woke up at 4:00 A.M. Monday morning in pain and with insane itching. I looked and one of the bites had turned into a blister. I went to the doctor and he drained the fluid from it and sent it off for testing to look for infections like staph or any weird disease. He told me I couldn't wear socks or shoes.

The next day a second blister appeared and started growing. I started taking benadryl. The other bites started to blister, but were staying about the same size. The itching is very intense and the pain/burning was still keeping me away. I would wake up almost exactly four hours after taking the benadryl for a second dose. It has been very difficult to teach in flip flops and fight the distraction since I can't take benadryl at school.

I went back today and all the tests came back negative. The fluid was just fluid in a blister. The official diagnosis: Severe Allergic Reaction to Bug Bites. He has no idea how long it will continue. He found the blister he had opened filled with fluid again so he cut the tops off of both of the big ones. The others had not grown much so he left them as they are pretty small in comparison. It didn't hurt until he started removing the last layers of the blister. The sores are actually below the rest of my skin--it looks like a small crater. They burn and are very raw. Washing them was a bit painful and I found with the antibiotic ointment the band-aid sticks to the wound and I rip the top layer of skin off when I remove the band-aid.

Hopefully the rest do not develop into anything like the two that bubbled up. My ankles and feet are so swollen with the bites I couldn't fit my feet in shoes right now anyway. I'm really tired of dealing with this--only a few hours of sleep a night, teaching all day in crappy shoes, and constantly dealing with the itching and pain. I just want to sleep. I have to make it through Friday first...

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