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Posted on 2005.09.25 at 22:07
Current Music: Beside You In Time ~NIN
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So yeah. Hospital wants to turn me into collection because I can't pay them in full, despite the fact I have been paying them. First I heard of it. So I finally decide how I'm going to handle that, and then I'm in a car wreck. My car is probably totaled. I was hit on the driver's side and then it slid down the rest of my car. I'm okay, but had a minor concussion, so I had to go to hospital to get rid of headache. The medicines made me first loopy, then sick to my stomach then drowsy. But my headache is gone now. Now onto the battle of the insurance companies. Ah well, such is life I suppose. Here's another part of the story...although I'm not sure where I'm going with this part of it, so we'll have to see. One day I will get around to splicing all these pieces together...maybe.

The figure moved closer in the mirror, reflecting her movements. Entranced, she reached out to touch the smooth surface of the mirror and suddenly hundreds of threads flew from the mirror wrapping around her, pulling her in to her own reflection. She struggled, pulling back with all her strength but still she failed pulled like a fly into the trap. When she opened her eyes again, she was in a dark room with a cool stone floor. There was little light, but she could see her hands plams down in front of her knees on the floor.

"Why did you seek to come here?"

She swirled at a voice too similar to her own and her eyes widened as she looked at her reflection in person.

"I...I don't know. Who are you!?"
"You came here but you don't know why?"
"Answer me! Who are you? What have you done to me?"
"I am you, or more precisely a part of you. My name is Kiri. I care for all of your darkest dreams." Her smile was hauntingly beautiful.

"I didn't want to come here, you took me here." She laughed then. It was full of sadistic amusement as she regarded her alter.
"Perhaps. But I can't force you to do anything you don't truly want to do."

She took her chin in thin pale fingers, sliding one slowly along her reflection's lips. "I know your darkest desires...and fears. You should take what you want, life is too short." Her face was so close now, almost touching and the girl shuddered. Delighted by the reaction, her smile deepened.

"You know he would let you do anything you wanted to him. You should take him, make him yours..." she whispered against slightly parted lips. "He is already yours in your mind. Give in, take him, take all that you want, you have nothing else to tie you to a futile quest--"


Abruptly she reached out, batting at an invisible personality, as she choked out, "No!" She winced, panting.

"You are awake." She turned to see a fire beside her. Vaguely she registered the feeling of fur over her, a dull ache throughout her body and the sound of someone just out of sight. She tried to sit up.

"You should rest now. You fell down into the earth. You need healing." The voice had a slight accent as she silently agreed in light of sudden pain. Then she saw him, long dark hair braided on either side and tied with straps of leather on the ends. His skin was darker, but his eyes were friendly and warm. His clothes were simply and obviously worn for traveling and use, not for show.

"Wha...what happened to me?"
"You fell. Deep into the earth. It disturbed the animals, that is how I knew. They wouldn't stop crying and when I climbed down, I found you. Your leg is broken and your body is injured, but sometimes there are far darker injuries to sustain."
She turned away, "why are you helping me?"
"The animals wanted you to be helped, I would not have known if they had not called. Wolves, birds, squirrels, crickets; none would rest."
"No, I mean, why did you not take me somewhere else? Why keep me here in the woods?"
"Because you need a guide."
"A guide? But I can't go anywhere--"
"In your dreams, you are unwise."
"I what?"
"You let others control them, willingly you give it away by your ignorance."
"What are you...that makes no sense, dreams are dreams, they aren't real."
"You do not believe that. I am here to guide you."
She blinked at him, speechless. Minutes passed until the fire seemed to have died to a cooling glow. She watched as he coaxed it back to life.

"You are searching for someone."
Surprised, "yes."
"He first came to you in a dream."
Silence apparently meant assent.
"And you must hurry. But you must be ready," he turned to look her directly in the eyes and she noticed how fierce, almost feral they were. "There is much you have to learn, but now you must rest. I will protect your dreams tonight. Sleep."

Despite her mind's protests, her eyes slowly fluttered shut and she fell into a deep dreamless sleep save one thing; somewhere in the dreamless state she heard the shattering of a mirror.

© Kalla September 25, 2005


kalenight at 2005-09-26 03:49 (UTC) (Link)
Sorry to hear about the accident. Good luck contending with the insurance companies.
akiko_kalla at 2005-09-26 05:00 (UTC) (Link)
Heh, thanks. ^_^ Honestly with all the crap going on I almost don't care what they do as long as they leave me alone.
ex_rong at 2005-09-26 14:16 (UTC) (Link)
Oh man! I hope you are alright and well. And the fuck with all those insurance companies! *growls*
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