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Mostly School District Technology Rant/Sarcasm

Posted on 2011.07.18 at 20:46
Ok, not going to be anything other than blunt about these matters. ^_^

I am noticing a trend this summer. If you specialize in beers, ales, wines, etc. please make sure your staff is knowledgeable. I don't expect you to necessarily know what a Sunset Wheat, Blue Moon, or the like is but if I describe it as a citrus-y, having an orange aftertaste, unfiltered wheat, or something similar they should be able to tell me if you have anything remotely close. Here's a hint: berry is not citrus. Here's another one: filtered =/= unfiltered. What I am asking for is not all that uncommon a question. It'd be like if I went in looking for Guiness and described a smooth, thick, coffee type brew. Or one with a chocolate or caramel consistency and aftertaste. You should be able to say what you have that is like that, or to tell me you don't have anything like that. And if the server took the time to ask you, even if they ask you everything, don't send them back with some complicated bullshit answer. It's simple: Yes or No? Oui ou Non? Ja oder Nein? はい か いいえ? If you are the manager and you don't know, you shouldn't be working in a brewery because that's kind of like saying you don't understand what hops do to the brew. If I'm asking, I'm going to order alcohol, so trying to convince me the berry is like citrus isn't going to change my mind about anything other than your competence and intelligence.

School district web-designers--what the FUCK are you thinking? You put an immovable box right against the navigation. I mouse over the menu bar and cannot click on the drop down menu because of your stupid box. Moreover the damn thing starts talking because my mouse is now over it. At least you had the sense to let me close the box. Which I have to do each time I use the stupid site. Would it be to much to ask you to at least put that box AWAY from the menu bar? It's bad enough you have a talking severed head whose creepy ass eyes follow you around. Do you have to force me to deal with it too? All I want is the calendar or email. If I wanted to know about buses I'd mouseover the box. I hate having to close that infernal box EVERY TIME. Just station it to the side and down, like it was originally. And while I'm on it...STOP FUCKING CHANGING THE SITE. Just leave it be. What matters is that it works, and its not like you change the pages after it--you haven't figured out how to separate content and design apparently. Seriously? Ask one of our students to do it!

School district email client--FUCK YOU GROUPWISE, FUCK YOU! ..i.. Yeah, that's how I used to flip off b-net during my Diablo days. If I move something into a save folder it was for a reason--SAVE IT. I should not have to repeatedly email myself the information or forward it to another email account just so the file I moved into a save file is saved. What the fuck is the point of the save folder if you randomly delete the files in it without warning? So now, let's talk trash. You randomly delete shit, yet then it magically reappears in my trash after months of having been deleted. And on top of that the deleted shit is at the TOP of my trash folder even though it is older than all of the recent crap. I have to scroll through it because if I click or drag the bar down your program can't process it fast enough. I would delete it, other than you undelete what I apparently WANT deleted, but I have to do it by hand rather than just unclicking what I don't want deleted and then pressing delete. God forbid you act like any other email program known to man. I mean, the other email programs...there must be something wrong with them right? So many people use them, they have to be full of useless stuff like clicking select all and having the option to unclick two or three emails out of 150 and then hit delete. And what the fuck is the point of the search feature?! You only search my inbox, not my trash. And since you then undelete my trash and put all the old files at the top I have to scroll through the entire fucking school year to get to the message from two weeks ago. Because remember I can't just drag the scroll bar or your program stutters and has a seizure. Seriously, why the fuck do we use this program? School district firewall, you piss me off too. <3 Your sole purpose is to prevent spam from getting to me. Thank you so much for spamming my email for every spam message you block, it's so helpful. Especially when I delete your message and Groupwise undeletes the fucker because spamming my inbox wasn't enough, you need to spam my trash too.

I swear...idiot ass morons that can't think and design, or buy, programs that are useful. WTF?!

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