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Lazy in Translation

Posted on 2011.07.15 at 03:41
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(This does NOT refer to my students. I have never had a student that was so unwilling to try.)

Normally I'm pretty open as far as languages are concerned. I speak four and there are times when I royally mess up stuff--especially in English it seems and let's not even talk about spelling. Which is weird as English is the most native language and yet it's the one I screw up in the most--and I don't mean small mistakes. I'm talking huge syntax, grammar, spelling and sometimes completely wrong words for no apparent reason. Part of it is because I literally start thinking and reading in other languages, regardless of what is in front of me, and my brain doesn't completely switch over. So I get that, I really do. However...

If you are posting on a forum you need to have a minimum level of proficiency or at least make some effort to translate it correctly. You don't just half ass your comments in a language you barely understand and then argue with the people trying to clarify. I can generally figure out what a person is saying...but there are two posters on a forum I watch currently that are just painful. One of them I can't really understand, but at least the person seems nice so I try to figure it out. But when I tried to help with clarity the other argued with me...assuming I was the one that didn't know what I was saying. In my native language. Yeah, kiss my ass buddy.

You know, if you speak to me in chat I expect chat speak. If English isn't your first language I expect there to be some mistakes. But if I can't tell what the hell you are saying at all and then you argue with me on top of it? And I know you didn't take the time to type it into a babelfish or google translator because it translates better than what you just posted? I seriously start to question your intelligence. I'm VERY forgiving with language and being certified to teach languages and English as a Second Language, it is very natural for me to help you clarify and teach you in a non-confrontational way.

Seriously, some people should not have access to the internet. They usually believe every single thing they see as truth and know everything better than everyone else because of that. I don't speak much Spanish despite what I understand. Thus, you don't see me going onto Spanish forums and writing to everyone in Spanish, especially without stating the obvious that Spanish isn't my native tongue, and you sure as hell wouldn't see me arguing with the native Spanish speakers about what I am saying.

Arrogance + Ignorance + Laziness = Stupidity

I just really don't get it; you think you know it all, you don't know it all because you can barely form a sentence, and you are too damned lazy to look it up or ask. What the fuck is wrong with people? THINK. Someone please tell these people their cup holder doesn't work so they need to return their computer. Or maybe just unplug it and don't tell them.

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