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Posted on 2011.07.15 at 02:31
Current Music: がっこうぼさつのなみだ ~Ishii Yasushi
Just finished Darker than Black. It was interesting and for the most part I really enjoyed it. Although some of the subtitles made it actually amusing when it shouldn't have been. Still, it was worth deciphering. It's about society more or less. There are normal humans and humans who have entered a contract to have special powers but in exchange lose their humanity. They also must have some remuneration that is specific to the individual. During a war, something happened and Hell's Gate appeared in South America. The area around it cannot be entered and it changed the sky. The concern is preventing another war and a similar incident from occurring. The contractors as they are called are often sought after by government and criminal organizations alike, and are thus feared for their inability to act on emotion rather sticking to strict logic. That's an extremely watered down version, but it gives you the idea if you are unfamiliar with it. It centers around Hei and his companions as well as those involved in the various organizations.

While personal relationships are not vital to the plot, it does make the characters more realistic to see how they interact with others. Normally I don't like the main character and whoever s/he is paired with all that often, but this time I did even though they weren't really paired until later in the series. Typically even if I do like the main character I am left cringing at why they would like that character. This however, was different. You don't see a lot about the relationship until the OVAs, but it really drew me in. I was also pleasantly surprised by a later pairing of Mina Hatsuki and Youko Sawasaki. Normally you see pairing between male and female or two males, but rarely have I found two females. And by that I mean the pairing was natural and just part of the story and the lives of those characters. Typically when I've seen two women paired, not only are they drawn horribly out of proportion and have extremely stock stereo-typical personalities, they seem to exist only for sex or to show off unrealistic bodies. Seldom are they just part of the plot and they just happen to be together, as they would be in real life. A relationship is much more realistic when it just exists for what it is rather than having a big deal made of it.

I just wish this one wouldn't have ended as it did, although without it the relationship probably would not have been apparent. What Youko said, wanting to protect Hazuki, and Hazuki's reactions upon finding her made it pretty apparent. Still...why do all the characters I like have to suffer cruel fates? I really want to believe life isn't like that. Reality has taught me otherwise, but I would still like to believe it even if it is only in stories.

At any rate, Hazuki x Sawasaki (or Hazuki x Youko if you go by the names they use) is the first female pairing I actually liked. Perhaps because I identify with the relationship a little. Even physically it's not that far off, which is kind of scary. I wish we would have seen a little more of their relationship, but then again I think that was part of the point; it wasn't supposed to be extremely obvious. Maybe I'm just a sucker for minor characters or samurai types, but...honestly I felt for them as much as I felt for the main pairing. Probably just another sign that I'm hopeless. Ah well...I just need to find my samurai.

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