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Weekly Questions for Writing

Posted on 2011.07.08 at 02:59
Q1.1: Why do you like music? How is it different than other classes?
Q1.2: Where do you hear/experience music? Why do you hear music in those places/situations?
Q1.3: What would it be like without music? How different would the world/school be without music?
Q1.4: What are you learning in music? How would you teach someone to do what you learned last week?

Q2.1: How is what you are learning similar to what you are learning in class? How does music relate to what you learn in class?
Q2.2: How do you decide what sounds best? How do you know you are right?
Q2.3: How do you think you should practice? What will help you learn the fastest?
Q2.4: How does music have Math/Reading/Social Studies/Science? How does music help you learn those subjects?

Q3.1: What have you learned from music other than to play the instrument? What can it help you do?
Q3.2: What about the world have you learned in music? How has music taught you about the world?
Q3.3: What do you have to think about to play an instrument/solve a musical problem? Can/Do you think this way to solve other problems?
Q3.4: How do you have to think to get better at music? Think of a math or reading problem, can you think the same way to get better at it?

Q4.1: Should music be for every student? Why? What in music should every student experience? Why?
Q4.2: What would/could you do if music was going to be taken away? Who would you talk to?
Q4.3: Why is music important? What does it offer society/you? How does learning music make the world better?
Q4.4: How can we keep music in schools? What are other solutions? What will you do?

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