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Tears for the Future (March 6, 2004)

Posted on 2005.07.05 at 07:53
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Aside from judging and still being sick, I watched the next two discs of X. The more I watch, the deeper I get in it. Which means either I have that little of life, or the story is that good. I think it's a little of both. Unfortunately, I can relate to a lot of the things in it and I think it helps me express emotions that are inexpressable. If you've not seen it and are wondering, here are a couple quotes I'm adding to my favorite quotes list.

~~Both of these are from the conversation Subaru has inside Kamui's heart. He is speaking the the child Kamui who has hidden himself deep within his soul after the horrific death of a loved one.~~

"As long as you stay in your dream, nothing will start and nothing will end. Right now you're at the bottom of your heart. you're running away from reality because you face hardship. The situation will only get worse...just like it did for me." ~Subaru


"When my sister was killed I couldn't do anything. I was running away from reality, calmmed up inside my own heart. Just like you are now. Kamui...it's alright to stay here forever if that's what makes you happiest. But as long as you don't get out of here, nothing will start and nothing will end. Just like me...in truly important times, all you can do is watch. You can't do anything. ~S

...I was able to return to reality from the pain in my heart to turn the future I dream into reality. You should choose too...to keep balming yourself in your memories or to return to reality with a wish."~S

"If I wish it anything can come true?"~K

"I'm not sure about that. But nothing can be done if you don't wish for it. From here you need to return to the real world and do it yourself."~S

Such a sadly beautiful message...full of pain and yet filled with hope at the same time. Truth of Life personified.

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