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Writer's Block

Posted on 2011.06.07 at 00:38
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I'm having a moment; I feel the need to write but nothing is coming out. Someone was murdered in the building next to mine yesterday while I was home. I didn't hear anything until the sirens came into the complex. I don't know if I'm feeling resilient or callous; I'm starting to wonder if there is a significant difference. I guess resilient is good because I feel just as safe as before, yet I feel callous for not crying over someone who died. Then again, I don't see death as most people do.

I guess I'm just in a questioning mode right now. Really unsure of my perspective on a lot of things because I feel like I'm the only one that sees it. I have no problem standing up for it, but I also want to be open to the fact that I'm not always seeing everything or right. I don't mind changing if it's for the right reasons...but because it's popular or easier aren't the right reasons. Maybe sleep will bring clarity.

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