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Dreams and Corn

Posted on 2005.09.11 at 22:29
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Aside from coughing, I am finally coming back to life. ^_^ And I found out that corn on the cobb is good even without butter. It's almost autumn...I can't wait to see the leaves and smell the earthy scents of the season.

I did have an odd dream...it was about Pademonium in Diablo. It was a huge grey structure and on top of it was the grassy fields in Diablo. There were the three end bosses to battle and hundreds of minions. We had to climb the structure somewhat in order to try to beat them. Trading off attacks. It was...odd. The night before I dreamt about sharing shampoo with a girl and I had to make it look like I hadn't so she wouldn't get in trouble. Still I'll take odd over nightmares. Here's a rather depressing snippet from my story in case anyone's interested.

She had screamed his name, only to be blinded by the light. As her lungs struggled for air, she heard the screeching of some foul creature. It only seemed like seconds later when her eyes fluttered open, but the moon was high and shining where a roof should be. She blinked, trying to focus her thoughts.

"I...remember bringing Aidan here, showing him...the circle and...we were--" she sat up far too quickly and her head spun as her stomach contents lurched into her throat. She squeezed her eyes shut on the taste of bile as she forced it back down. After a few deep breaths she looked to where her brother had been frantically trying to create a passage to safety.

She remembered feeling something wet upon her cheeks.


"You can't just go after them with no plan, not force, not even a weapon!"
"But I can. It isn't for you to decide what I do with my life...or my death."
"Sacrificing yourself will not help him."
"He is my brother." It sounded like a reason. She sounded like someone resigned to a fate she had forseen long ago. But she offered him a bittersweet smile with her words.
"Back then, I should have known. I should have known it wasn't right for him to be there. A creature as powerful as that wouldn't be alone. I nearly died fighting those beasts he brought with him...and yet, I was just so happy to see him. Nothing else mattered because he was okay."
He opened his mouth to respond, and closed it. What words could he offer?
"So you see, this is my task. No one else can do this, not even if I brought twelve armies. You cannot fight against the legions of hell with men." Her eyes were cast downward.
"So you plan to do it alone then? And win?"
"I plan to free him," her eyes met his with the ferocity of a raging blaze, "but I do not know that one can ever truly win. Yet we must try, despite the odds or we have truly lost."

After a moment, she dropped her gaze and closed the satchel she had packed. There was no point in delaying her fate. She looked out at the full moon and for a moment, she was no longer in a house looking at it through clear panes, but she was so close she could touch the light, feel its false heat. She sighed. So beautiful and so cold. Despite her love for the moon, her heart belonged to the sun, full of passion, radiating its own light.

She slung the satchel over her shoulder and left without a word. She paused at the door, looking out at a sight she knew she may never see again. She sat the envelope down on the table and closed the door quietly behind her.


He fell to his knees. "Why?" His voice was a harsh whisper against the silence blaring in his ears. His whole life had been devoted to caring for the two. He saw smiling faces, heard the laughter as they told him of their adventures, saw the anger in her eyes as she explained why their lessons were not important that day. His eyes tried to squeeze the images out of his mind, but they were flowing like a dam had burst, all the emotions, sounds, sights, and thoughts of the past. He knew she was going to her death. Not because of impossible odds, for her eyes had always been so full of life and fire, but now they only held death, and he realized that he was lost.


Old memories tugged at her mind as she settled beneath an old tree to rest. She had walked all night and day, and her body was weary. She no longer fought the voice that called out to her at night, asking for her presence. "I'm here, Aidan. I'm always here." She murmered as her eyes fell shut. She heard a wolf's cry, the crickets quiet and the sound of peace settle in around her. As drowsy as she was, unable to even open her eyes, she still found the irony in the peaceful state she found herself. Despite fear of being discovered by some obscure creature from beyond, the thought of a wild animal mistaking her for food or threat didn't bother her in the least.

When she woke to the first rays of light shining through the leaves she realized the woods had come to life. She stretched and looked around. It was still peaceful, but life was busy around her. Still, she was almost idle amongst it. Almost like she wasn't there. As she began her walk deeper into the woods, she realized how creul nature was. So beautiful and yet only the strong survive. It kills indiscriminately, not caring for circumstance. And from that death, it gives birth to new beauty and life.

The woods were deepening into a forest. "It won't be long now, Aidan." And she smiled.

© Kalla September 11, 2005


shadowemerging at 2005-09-12 12:07 (UTC) (Link)
This is a terrific story! It's the first I've read of it and I want to know what's happened up until now. By the way, I friended you last night. Feel free to friend me back if you'd like.
akiko_kalla at 2005-09-13 00:26 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks. ^_^ It's a story I'm writing. Unfortunately the events aren't in order on my journal as I posted them as I wrote them. The bulk of what I have written is under my memories. Maybe one day I'll finish it and get it published...I mean, you never know with me--I might actually finish this one someday..hehe.
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