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Posted on 2011.05.19 at 23:03
Current Music: Here (in your arms) Hellogoodbye
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Today brought relief. My doctor helped quell my fears and I found that I really had not completely damaged a friendship as I had feared. The doctor said with nothing being physically wrong it was mostly anxiety and possibly something neurologically related to what happens to my speech during migraines. Either way, it is nothing serious other than it might cause discomfort or annoyance. That I can live with.

In regards to the friendship...when I saw her today, things were like they had been before I sent that stupid email...and I'm so relieved and thankful for that. She even helped me learn an easier way to do something when she happened to see me cutting and pasting things together. I guess I was expecting a reaction like a few years ago where our interactions became miserable (although I think there are other issues that factored into that). I was so scared and I was so upset that I had come across as I had in the email. I can't express how happy I am that I didn't screw everything up...and that I while I won't make the same mistakes twice, I can be human.


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