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It Hurts

Posted on 2011.05.16 at 20:06
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Wednesday I see the audiologist and then Thursday I see my PC. I tried doing some online hearing screenings...and while I don't put much weight in them they were consistent. I'm losing the lower frequency. What bothers me is that it's a big jump in decibel level. Like from 15 to 35-40 at the next lower frequency. I however, am not an audiologist and an online screening is far from perfect.

The last time I took an audiogram, all my hearing was well within normal limits--most of it above average for my age. However, that was before I couldn't hear and understand someone sitting across from me or next to me. I have to have certain people face me to understand them--which means I'm not depending upon my hearing to understand them. I am also constantly asking what someone said and delaying my response as my brain pieces together the sounds to form words and sentences. This has been incredibly frustrating for me and a year ago I had no trouble.

I have also been having issues with mild pain/discomfort in my ears. It's still like they are leaking or have fluid in them. But they have been cleaned and things look normal. My mother does have significant hearing loss and similar symptoms like tinnitus, but I don't know if that will factor into my own situation much or not.

On top of it all, I am finding normal sounds rather unbearable. Playing the violin the other day was painful. I had to really focus to deal with it so I could play it with my kids to teach them. This scares me...my life is caught up in my work and I need my hearing. I know they have hearing aids and such, but if this is a condition other symptoms may present themselves as it progresses. Most of what I have read is they can't do much to help the tinnitus, hyperacusis, and discomfort. It's really REALLY bothering me that things that were normal parts of my life are now causing pain.

I have been diagnosed with tinnitus and the audiologist suspected hyperacusis. Nothing was significant enough to do much other than watch it and see if things changed...now they have. I pray there is a simple answer that can be easily fixed. However nothing in my life has been like that so it's hard to be hopeful. Moreover I have no one I can talk to about it; it's upsetting and frustrating. I'm doing what I can--going to the doctors and such, but I'm scared.

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