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Where is the Lesson in This

Posted on 2011.05.15 at 00:46
Current Music: anata ga koko ni iru riyuu ~Rie Fu, D. Gray-Man
Not happy about these developments, or my health, at the moment but I guess we don't always get to decide that. Considering these deal with my career and the one wish I really have for myself and my future, this just sucks. I work so hard...is this to tell me to change my path or to tell me to overcome it?

So I went to the doctor a month ago and they cleared my ears, said I had water on my eardrums that should go away. My ears still hurt, especially my left. This combined with the fact that my hearing did not improve once the earwax was removed and the increase in ringing is scaring me a bit. I'm becoming increasingly more intolerant of certain frequencies--higher ones usually, and loud noises. Which isn't good to teach music.

I'm also having issues with endometriosis again. The pain is starting to get really bad. Knowing my best chance to have a child is after I have surgery from it, I've waited to do anything but if this continues to get worse and wreak havoc on my digestive/reproductive system I may have to go ahead and just pray being barren is not the hand I was dealt.

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