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Rescue Me inspired Crack

Posted on 2005.09.06 at 22:23
I just watched Rescue Me. It is a wonderful drama, but it sent me on an emotional rollercoaster. Thus I am going to write to work through it. I apologize in advance if it sounds like I'm on crack. ^_^

He looked up at the sky, feeling the sun's warmth upon his face. He still remembered the feeling of blindness, where only the warmth distinguished itself from the utter cold of the darkness that had become his world. He was free of that now, free to live and see and feel. With a sigh he looked forward at his sister, determined to reach the woods by nightfall. She was always so strong and protective, but he knew deep inside she just as scared as he was.

As they approached the edge of the woods, he decided they were far enough away to not be heard by the villagers. "Kiera?"
"Why didn't we just wait and tell him where we were going?"
"Aidan," she sighed in frustration, "he wouldn't have let us leave. At least not alone. Then it would have been ever harder to find a way out."
"Why is it so important we go to this place? And where is it anyway, I'm getting tired?"
"It's in the woods, I'm not exactly sure where."
"You mean we're walking all this way, risking our lives to find a place and you don't even know where it is?! What if it's not there? Then what will we do?"
"Shh, keep your voice down. You don't want to startle anything in the woods. Besides I have a good idea of where it is, and if what I read is true, it will find us."
He looked at her in utter disbelief, "My sister, who is normally rational and uses logic to fault now is relying on an inanimate object finding us?"
"Hmm...yup, I guess so." She turned back enough to wink at him before continuing into the woods.
His neverous laughter followed. "I don't believe this. What is it that is so important?"
She stopped, "So, you remember that box, from dad's office?"
"I opened it." her voice had fallen to a whisper.
"And...well, I'm not sure what all of it said, but it talked about a place of learning, a place to find your destiny."
"What does that have to do with us? You aren't exactly one to believe in that sort of thing."
"No, but it had our names and I think it was telling us to go there."
"Really? But you said you couldn't read all of it, what if it said don't go there?"
"That's what we have to find out."
"What!? That's a pretty big difference, Kiera..."
"I know, but this just...feels like what we should do." She turned to him, reaching her hand out. "Trust me?"
He sighed, resigned to his fate. "Fine," as he took her hand, "but if you're wrong, you get to explain all this to Duncan."
"Deal." She smiled and tugged him back into walking.


They came upon the house totally by accident. It was almost noon and they were nearing a stream when they heard whistling.

"What's that?"
"Sounds like whistling."
"Let's look."
"Kiera, what if it's not nice."
"We won't know until we find out, come on!"

The approached quietly following the tune. It sounded like a folk song, long forgotten by the people who lived here. Then they saw it, a man crouched by the stream, filling a pail with water.

"If you are going to stare, you could at least introduce yourselves."

They both jumped and the older stuttered, "S-sorry, sir. Do you live near here? We're looking for a house in the woods, but we aren't really sure where it is."
"Looking for something without directions doesn't sound like a very smart idea. There are evil creatures about, during the day as well as night." He rose from the ground and turned to look at them. "You should be more careful, Kiera."

Her eyes widened as she heard her brother's quick intake of breath. The man was quite beautiful, almost feminine in his features. His hair was the color of smooth chocolate, and his eyes a warm brown. He felt familiar somehow. He wore simple clothes, drab in color and certainly nothing out of the ordinary. His expression was so soft she almost thought he would cry.

"I-I'm sorry...how do you know my name?"
His smile felt like sunshine on a cold morning, "I knew your father. Come, I will lead you to the house."

With much protesting from her brother, she managed to drag him along to the house. It was plain and old, but well kept. It was no more than a few small rooms and seemed to have apparently been placed in the middle of the woods where no one had ever appeared to live. He offered them stew he had on the fire and after some whispered squabbling over poison, they accepted. They found their voice again after they stew had been devoured.

"Why do you live out here?"
"Oh, there are many reasons, but I supposed the biggest one is because it is away from people."
"You don't like people?" the little one inquired.
"It's not that, but people tend to gossip about what they don't know and the gossip turns into rumors and rumors never lead to good deeds."
"So, how did you know our father?"
"I knew him long before you were born, long before he even met your mother."
"So you grew up together?"
"You could say that."
"That still doesn't explain how you knew my name. And father never mentioned you to us, so how do we know you are telling the truth?"
"Do you think I'm lying?"
"Well, I don't know, that's wh--"
"Sure you know, just think for a moment and tell me what you feel."
She scowled and looked at her brother, then sighed, "no, I think you are telling the truth."
He smiled. "Good. Now, I take it you are here because of a box."
"You-you know about the box?!"
"What, you said you trust him."
"It's quite all right. I knew your father would send you here one day. Here is where you will learn about your birth and grown into your abilities."
"Abilities?" they asked together.
The man sighed, "I take it if you found the box, your father is dead?"
Their eyes fell to the floor.
"He apparently get the chance to explain things to you. I do not know all the circumstances, but I will tell you what I do know. But first I must ask you, why did you seek this place?"
"The box said to."
"So you normally just do what a random bit of paper says?"
"Well, no, but I was...curious. It was our fathers, and it had our names and said something about this place. I figured maybe would could find out what the rest of the writing says or at least more about what happened to father if we came here."
"And so you shall."

"It started a long time ago, when a terrible war broke out amongst the angels. Some followed Lucifer, who proclaimed himself a god. Others remained loyal. Amidst the confusion those angels in charge of the earth took a liking to women and created children. Outraged, many of these women and children died in a great flood. The rest were sought out later by other means. However, the angels who committed this sin were sealed for a thousand generations in a living hell. Now the end of that time is approaching and many of those angels are stirring. But they do not have the intent to return to heaven, rather than wish to create an army to defeat it. Earth will be the battlefield. They need humans to fight against the powers of heaven, to renounce their beliefs in god. Once that happens, they will convince the humans to give their souls to them. They will increase their own spiritual power by using these souls, for although angels have far superior power spiritually, they are limited. The human spirit has no limits, it can become as light or dark as it chooses."

"What will happen to those people though?"

"They will die. But it will not be a normal death, they will forever be tormented within the soul of the angel that took them. They could only be released by the angel making the conscious decision to do so, but to do that they would give up their newly gained power. So humans, thinking they are helping their new god, will actually become nothing more than meals to these creatures."

"But if they once had children with them, how could they just turn on humans like that?"

"Some probably wouldn't. They would either be forced to be a pawn of those with more power or be tormented in much the same way as the humans are. You must understand, these creatures are only one or the other, there is no in between. If they die, they will die for good or evil, but they cannot be both. Even if they can see the other side, they will never totally understand it."

"So what does that have to do with us?"

"I was getting to that. Your father was sent her by an archangel to find out more about this movement. We knew these angels were moving again, had awoken and were regaining their powers. But we weren't sure how they were going about it. With your father's help, we discovered they were infiltrating places of worship, claiming to be the salvation people so desparately seek. They were taking human form once again to find ways into government to help sway the laws to their liking, helping to create the chaotic world they hope to rule. It was very dangerous work for your father to be working so closely with them, and honestly he is lucky he was not found out earlier. I doubt your mother ever really knew."

"You keep saying 'we.' Are you saying you are an angel?" She asked doubtfully.

"Of course, but that is not important. I am here to help you find your way, nothing more."

"Wait a second...don't angels have wings and lots of lights and a halo or something? You know white robes and all?"

He laughed, "that is only what humans envision, so that is one way we present ourselves to you, yes. But if you had found me in the woods like that, you most likely would have left rather than followed me back here."

"So this legion of dark angels lie and manipulate without remorse. How do we know for certain you aren't one of them?" he narrowed his eyes.

"Well, that is something you shall have to decide for yourselves. But I will say this, be careful in who you DO choose to trust. For those dark angels as you put it are anxious to find you."


"Because, you are the only ones who can stop them."

© Kalla September 6, 2005

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