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Posted on 2005.09.04 at 17:25
Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: Smile ~SAC Soundtrack
I'm sick. Really sick. I wonder which lovely child infected me with this plague. Ugh.

I finished reading Gravitation. *Wheeee* LOVED the ending, although I had to reread part of it. And part of it I just wanted to reread. I started drawing pictures again...there's a couple I might try tomorrow or tonight.

Going into Hell Mode on Diablo II when you're only at level 68 is dangerous.

Story time! It's a little rough around the edges, but I'll fix it later. Too tired to care at the moment.

"So this is the place?"
"You used to bring me here?"
"It looks like a dump."
She grinned, "Well, being as you couldn't see I figured you didn't care what it looked like."
"Yeah, but I could smell it." He scrunched up his nose to emphasize his point.
"Come on."
"But it's half demolished."
"Yeah, well, it was like that before too."
"Huh, wha--" But she was already pulling him into the building, half caved in.

He looked around. There was stained glass scattered on the floor. It looked like there were huge windows of it and he could almost see how beautiful it must have been from the way the fading sunlight lit the fragments aglow. There were long wooden like benches and in front of them was an open area. The building was caved in behind it, but the floor seemed free of debris. 'Ironic, the place right next to the destruction is clean and free from the chaos this building is filled with.' he thought.


He blinked. "Sorry." He came forward, she was standing in the front of the building. As he approached the area, he noticed that it had not just been kept free of debris but there were markings upon the floor. It was some language that pulled at his memory but that he could read. He squinted as if trying to see the writing in his memory.

"This is where you would sit." She pointed to an clean area with markings all around it. "And he would kneel right in front of you."

"Do you know what this says?"
She frowned. "No, but it seems familiar."
"It's familiar to me too, but I don't remember."
"Perhaps it's from father's work?"
A solemn look replaced the frustration on his face, "father."

Immediately, she was there to hold the boy. Twelve years old after all this, it was too much. He didn't cry, just looked into space with an almost trance like expression. A ray of sunlight escaped through a hole in the roof and he blinked at its warmth.

"I remember."
"I remember that day...I felt a great light all around me, especially on my face. It tingled."
Her eyes widened in almost fear of her own memories, but she remained silent, eager to hear his words.
"It felt like...like if gold was sunlight, how it would feel. It was warm and protected me and strong. And I felt...I think they were feathers. I felt them, but I KNEW that's what they were. And then--"

There was a loud bang heard from outside. "The riots must have started again! We should leave."
"But sister, I want to know--" Another shot and then the wall on the far end of the building crashed down. There were voices screaming from the streets and for just a moment, the two were frozen in the moment that first had sent them down this terrible road. He was the first to move.

"Come on!" he hissed with a sharp tug to her wrist. With one last look at the settling debris, she quickly joined him. 'I could have sworn...' But her thoughts were interrupted by a voice that haunted her dreams.

She wanted to scream, but her breath was stolen by fear. She wanted to run, but her legs were frozen by memory. She wanted to push her brother behind her, but her brain had ceased functioning. The sunlight had gone, leaving only the fading dusk to illuminate the room. With no light, there were shadows lurking in all directions and the only known exit was blocked. They had to find a way out and fast. Somewhere her brain reasoned she could fight to stall for time, but winning an out and out battle was impossible.

"Ai..." She closed her mouth and tried again, eyes jumping everywhere searching for their enemies. "Aidan, find a way out. I'll draw his attention." She managed just above a whisper. The boy started to protest, but when he looked up at his sister's determined face, already lost in the fight, he knew it was no use reasoning. He nodded instead, at least she wasn't going to try to push him behind her entirely.

With her focus off her brother, she concentrated on find the source of the voice. She slowly started to walk down the center aisle. She unsheathed the sword at her side. At sixteen, it was a little heavy, but she was capable so long as the battle didn't last too long. Her strengths lied elsewhere. She began to chant...

"Divine light of the heavens, guide my sword. Divine light of the earth, help me to heal the wounds. Divine light of god, illuminate the darkness with love."

She hadn't even realize she had closed her eyes. The creature was right in front of her, but instead of a horrible beast, it was a man. Beautiful blue eyes. Like a deep blue ocean sparkling with sunlight. Hair as dark as pitch and as smooth as obsidian. Had she taken a second longer to hold up her sword he would have sliced through her.

"Why do you fight me?"
Oh, that voice. She squeezed her eyes shut and shivered, but she wasn't sure if it was from memory or the promise that voice held. She focused on the power play in front of her. She opened her eyes with a forced smirk, "Demon," and lunged forward catching him by surprise and pushing him back off of her sword.

He was taller than her by at least a foot. Physics was not on her side. He started to lunge foward and she jumped back, narrowly avoiding the slash of his blade. The last of the dying light caught on the edge in the flash of light, she saw a different flash. Followed by her father's head. And then she had to jump backwards again, the sword catching her sleeve. She hissed from the sting as her brain screamed they needed to get out of there. She had to get him to move back, away from Aidan.

This time instead of jumping back, she dropped and rolled forward. Scuttering back as quickly as possible, he now had his back toward her brother so he could look at her. She gave a toothy grin, this was better. She started to lunge forward and their swords locked, stuck in a play of power. She knew she couldn't win, but she pushed her whole body into the sword to hold it a little longer. Just a little more time.

"This is fascinating, but you know you cannot win." The expression on the beautiful face was marred by something that looked like regret. "Perhaps you should play with those more matched to your ability." Suddenly, he was gone, a blur of white robes flying upwards and she was surrounded by four beasts. Each dark with red eyes, teeth like knives and claws like razors. Their legs were hoves and strong. Their stench made her head spin, but she was determined. The first beast lunged forward, followed by the other three assaulting her on all sides.


He looked in horror as the beasts grew from the shadows. Where there was no shape before, it seemed to meld into a nightmare. He had to hurry. The hole was still too small and they couldn't afford to get stuck during an escape. Taking a large rock from the debris, he hit it crumbling parts of the wall. With worried glaces over his shoulder at his sister, he kept moving faster and faster, trying to widen the hole. Of all the things they had learned, he thought wryly, they hadn't learned how to escape a buliding with no exit. Spiritual power was one thing, but when it came to a situation like this, you weren't dealing with nightmares. Frantically he tried to speed up the process when he felt a dagger pressed against his neck.


Her body went almost limp as she started to kneel. It bought her the few seconds necessary to finish her plan.


"I always fall asleep when I meditate. It's stupid."
"It's good for centering and getting in touch with the energies of the planet."
"Why would I want to do that?"
"So you can use it."
She looked doubtfully at the man. But her protests soon ended as she was forced to sit on the ground.
She growled, "This is stupid!"
"Then tell the planet that yourself. I be back for you when it is time."
"Time for what?"
"When it is time." And he smiled, leaving here there.
"That man is almost as infuriating as Duncan!" She complained to no on in particular. Frustrated, she gave up and decided to sit under a tree until he returned. She didn't expect to dream.


There was a large flash of blue light accompanied by horrible screams and hissing.


She was walking down a path and then she saw a fountain. 'A fountain in a pretty much deserted place, huh? This should be interesting.' She leaned over the edge to look at her reflection, but what she saw surprised her. Here eyes were almost a glowing vivid indigo, as if light was radiating from them. Her hair was set aglow like the fire from the sun. She couldn't quite describe how she was different, but she was. She KNEW it. And then she noticed the faint tendrils of light flowing from her. "Wings?"

"If you choose to call them that."
She spun around, "Wh-who are you?"
"My name is not important. However, you chose to fall asleep under the tree of knowledge, so what is it you want to know?"
"I-I...the tree of knowledge? I didn't know it was anything other than an ordinary tree."
His laughter was like music, "It isn't. But trees are more than they seem."
"I was supposed to learn about the energies of this planet."
"Ahh, well, that is easy then. Simply allow yourself to experience it."
"Open yourself up to the energies below your feet, let them flow through you and into your hands. The energies will know what to do and go where they are most needed, but you can guide them if you wish."
"How do I open myself up? What do the energies do?"
"They heal. But you must be careful when trying to use these energies because they are so powerful, they are after all from the planet. Although the planet seeks to renew its life and heal its wounds, often destruction must come first from it to rid itself of the old."
"So, why would you use it?"
"That is quite complicated, and there are some who never would. More yet who perhaps could not withstand it. However, it is a power you were meant to wield. If it is the difference between living and dying, someone might use it. But also, you can use it to heal the darkest of wounds."
"The darkest of wounds?"
"Yes, on this planet not all wounds are physical and not all of them are visible on this side of the viel."
"The viel?"
"That is a story for another time."
"But I don't understand."
"You will, in time. Learn what you can and take the gifts you are given. Use them to heal the world. Good-bye, Kiera."
"Wait I--"

"Kiera, wake up. Geeze, how can you sleep so much!?"
"Nightmare again? Only you would fall asleep during an assignment."
"No, it wasn't a nightmare."
"Lucky you then." He grinned, "Come on then, it's time to go."

As she got up to go she looked up at the giant oak. "You've probably seen more years than I can even imagine haven't you? A gift, huh?"
"Kiera, come on!"
"Coming!" She looked at where the tree flowed into the ground and then followed up its trunk into its branches, "Thank you." With a smile she left to follow her brother.


After the flash of light faded, blood stained the floor and clothes and blade, but minus a few scraps and bruises she was still there, sword extended in the final blow.

"Aidan! Soon!" The sword tip hit the floor just before she fell to a kneel position. "Shit," she panted. "What good is a gift if you can't control it?" 'At least I have an off button, but volume control would be nice.' She thought shaking her thoughts clear again to focus on the matter at hand. 'Where did that bast--oh no!' She looked towards where she left her brother and her blood ran cold. "Aidan."


"I don't think that is such a good idea. You may have been able to injure me once, but not again. How long did it take to regain your sight? Are you willing to risk losing it entirely this time?" The voice laughed.

He had felt his sister's energy burst, he knew she didn't have that much longer. He had never learned the technique, but from what she said, it was just a matter of pulling the energy up from below and letting it flow out of you. It almost sounded exhilirating. He had always felt the energy, pulsing like a heartbeat beneath his feet.

"I would rather loose my sight than suffer whatever fate you desire. And I would rather die than see my sister subjected to your whims!" With that, he opened himself to the pulse beneath him, the pulse of the earth. Turning just slightly to place his hands his attacker's leg, he felt the energy surge forward, flowing through his body. His blood was on fire, his skin was exploding, his breath had been forced out of him. Only vague did he hear the screams. Twin screams...one of physical pain and one of fear. It felt as if the sun itself was trying to burn out of him and then abruptly it was over and even the screams stopped.

© Kalla September 4, 2005


ex_rong at 2005-09-05 04:32 (UTC) (Link)
Im sick too! what a coincidence.. ;p
akiko_kalla at 2005-09-05 05:10 (UTC) (Link)
I'm sorry, that sucks! Kinda funny though, but still. I haven't even been back at school a month and I'm sick. ARGH! hehe.
ex_rong at 2005-09-05 07:11 (UTC) (Link)
Life sux. as always. ;p
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