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Tarot and such

Posted on 2011.04.22 at 22:59
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So the Hermit is the card I most often seem to draw for myself and relate to.

It's associated with Yod, which means "hand." (Which I always list as my favorite or most attractive body part) It combines opportunity with discord, sometimes leading to the development of special talents or awareness.

It's associated with Virgo. (Which I am.)

It's associated with someone who keeps passion in check while keeping her feet on the ground. (While I may be passionate, I have never lost myself in emotion--always rooted in what was real even if I tried not to be.)

It's Qabalistic association is with solitary practice, wisdom, and secret knowledge. (All things I practice or seek.)

It's associated with communication between self and higher self. (Something I have worked on a great deal.)

It is associated with renewing inspiration, energy and desire. (The things I am always seeking and renewing.)


I also discovered that the deck I use, Faery Wicca Tarot, is rather unique and not suggested for beginners. Tarot was never my strong point and despite the studying and decks I did I was never really effective at that type of reading. However I was drawn to this deck the moment I saw it. Once I had it I found it was the only deck I was able to draw cards from effectively; I still had to read the book but the cards themselves usually made sense to the person I was reading. I do not use the deck to its full capacity, but perhaps I should be looking more into it. I seem to have an affinity with these particular cards and it is the only deck I seem to be able to read from. Likewise, no matter how many times I lose it I have always found it and feel protective of it. I spend a lot of time touching it, using my energy on it, only allowing the person I'm reading to cut the deck, and never allowing anyone to just touch the cards. I have never been that way around cards previously. Perhaps all of this is for a reason; maybe I have a spiritual connection to these particular cards. They are Celtic after all...

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