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Posted on 2011.04.21 at 17:02
Current Music: Gomenasai ~T.A.T.U.
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Despite all that has gone wrong...and continues to go wrong, despite being frustrated beyond belief, despite all the unexpected turns and emergencies...I'm still me and I'm still smiling. So proud of my students for so many reasons. So happy to be losing weight and healthier. So happy to be drawing and writing again. So happy to be using my imagination again. So happy to have my voice back and to be able to sing again. But perhaps the most important thing though...is you.

Your help, your support, and your faith in me...with those things I know I can overcome whatever I face. Even if the path isn't yet clear, I know I can do it. Like a lighthouse you keep me on course, you reign me in when my emotions begin to overflow, but most importantly you really listen to me. You pay attention and most don't, and you understand. It matters to you. I matter to you. Thank you.

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