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Allen-D. Gray-Man

Song of Solitude

Posted on 2011.04.15 at 20:37
Current Music: Your Call ~Secondhand Serenade
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Despite all the darkness
The light is still shining
And I hear a voice

Despite all I feel and know
I am still alone
Inside I am crying,

After the rains fall
The world is more alive
And the stars shine brightly

And I feel it growing inside me.
I feel the anger and sorrow as
It turns to love and compassion.
And I'm singing.

Inside the strength is rising
And I find my feet in this dance
As a smile returns in the darkness

Time slips through my fingers
Choices cannot be unmade
Resolve returns to my heart

The candle is still shining
I wonder if I'm the reflection
Or the flame, but I'm still

And I feel it growing inside me.
The tears falling silently
Joining the sea of pain
And I'm singing...

My vision is clear
My heart is no longer confused
My voice does not quaver

One foot, then the next
Down a path I chose
Long before I was born

My smile hides the truth
From those who do not wish to see
But my heart remains

And I feel it growing inside me.
The devotion to this life
The convictions I decided
And I'm still singing...

Will you dance with me now?
Is your heart ready to accept?
Can we really move forward?

I reach out and no hand greets mine
But still I feel you beside me
With tears I face the sky

Clipped wings can still fly
The fear is receding
Can you hear my voice

And I feel it growing inside me.
The passion for this world
And the painful dance I started
And I'm still singing...

Shedding the weight of years
Leaving behind the shroud
That once veiled my heart

The light shines brightly
No matter how dark it becomes
The light still exists

With a smile I feel the dark
But it cannot truly touch me
As my voice rises

And I feel it growing inside me.
The light that was always there
And the darkness cannot penetrate it
And I'm singing...

For now I understand
The darkness needs the light
And it is not so terrifying

Sometimes I need the solitude
And now I wish I was beside you
But would you even notice me

And I realize your absence
Was my true darkness
But the light was always inside me

And I feel it growing inside me.
The love I've always had
And the end no longer matters
And I'm still singing...

Still I long to hold your hand
Feelings that won't die
As we grow even closer

The pain of that closeness
I hold dear and smile
For it no longer hurts when I'm

By your side I'll stay
Though you may not know it
Or maybe you can hear me

And I feel it growing inside me.
The truth we won't admit
The song we are both

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