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Dream Analysis

Posted on 2011.04.10 at 15:37
So I had this dream. People were waiting in line for an event the Lyric was putting on. It was supposed to go on all weekend, night and day. People were standing in line literally all over the city. There were also people in line for the baseball game, but that line was shorter. I think I was looking for someone so I followed the lines into the baseball stadium's garage area. I saw two men laughing, not noticing the mass of people in line on the other side of the glass. There were security officers giving directions and whatnot and everyone seemed to be in good spirits even though the lines were stretched across the city. Then I woke up.

Now this isn't an "OMG this will become deja-vu!" dream, a prophetic dream, or even one that stayed with me much after waking. It is however the first I have really remembered in a long time. I looked up the significance of lines since that was about the only main idea and they usually represent boundaries. I wasn't trying to cross them, but I was running alongside them searching. I'm still not clear what I was searching for, or who. One thing I read said it could represent me crossing the line in some situation where it was not welcomed. As much as I try not to do that I seem to always have a knack for it and never realize it until I'm yelled at for it. Something else said it could be me searching for my own boundaries. I can see that too given some of the events this year.

I just don't know. I do believe there is meaning in our dreams, but sometimes it is so convoluted and distorted by memory and thought that the meaning is difficult to discern. As is typical for me, the people in my dreams were generalized representations of a population--no one I know in real life. About the only thing I can ascertain about it is that I was looking for something I haven't found yet, but that gets me no closer to realizing what that is.

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