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Posted on 2011.03.22 at 23:11
At the end of last week I had an allergic reaction. Basically it was like I had hives but there was no rash, just the insane itching and uncomfortable symptoms. I had changed nothing in my routine: same soap, same detergent, same food, same drink, same exposure to plants/animals/sun/etc. I took some benadryl and refrained from taking the steroid and the symptoms went away. That evening my mother was visiting and noticed I was "blushing." I went to look at it was so dark it was almost purple, but again, it went away.

The past two days I have had the same darker coloring (although not quite that dark) on my cheeks. I tried looking it up and the closest I can find to what it looks like is a malar rash. Finding information on what causes rashes like that is frustrating as almost everything I find is either about Fifth's Disease or Lupus. I don't really want to go to the doctor, but it's bothering me that it keeps coming back. There are no bumps and it isn't raised, but it is a little warm to the touch. It's just like a dark blush, but other than that I can't feel it. I love being a medical anomaly...

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