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Posted on 2011.03.07 at 22:38
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Just watched an episode of Criminal Minds...a mother sat on death row for 15 years pretending she was guilty to protect her son from his father. She had taken the boy and instead of killing him, gave him to a family to adopt but never told his father. His father was the guilty one. She asked for freedom, not for herself but for her son; for him to be free of the knowledge of who his true father was--which mean he also would never know his mother and she could never be exonerated. Of course I was crying.

True strength is nothing like we see in movies. It is something we see every day in the people around us that we don't notice. It is nothing so remarkable that no one can imagine overcoming the odds, rather it is the strength to let go and dedicate our lives to something greater than ourselves. Not a religion or cause, but as a human being. To believe in those around us and let go of the false control we are so reluctant to release; to let go of the pain and anger we hold inside; to let go of all the bad things we experience on some level; to let go of our own faults and mistakes and change for the better; to let go of the confines of society, friends, and family; to let go of our ego and see the truth; to let go and see others for who they are despite what they show to the world; to let go of our own insecurities and truly live as who we are; to let go of this world and look upon all life with complete compassion: true strength is to let go.

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