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Truly a Shadow Priest

Posted on 2011.02.06 at 23:16
So when I play World of Warcraft I play it for multiple reasons. First, I love the achievements. And of course I like to progress, defeat bosses and improve my gear and my skill. Mostly I do it to play with people I enjoy being around. It's all important, but it's the interaction, the working together and finally getting something down that I like best. Because of this it doesn't really matter a lot which character I play. However, at heart I am a shadow priest.

Originally I picked her because my brother said the guild needed one. Then I leveled some other classes and found I enjoyed them too, but not as much. I started making notes as to why and what I realized was that most of the characters I like from stories and even the spells of the priest herself were very me.

My favorite manga character is Subaru. He's a yin-yang master, a priest from japan that spends most of Tokyo Babylon helping people rid themselves of spiritual beasts and predators. Later in X he has developed into something a little darker and much more powerful and destructive. Oddly enough, his ability to heal is also quite formidable as evident when he goes inside Kamui's heart.

Another character I really like is Fai. He's a magician from Tsubasa Resavoir Chronicles. He hides behind his smile and is quite powerful, although he rarely uses his power. While Fai's magic is quite destructive, he too would prefer to heal and goes to great lengths to make others happy in compensation.

I've always been drawn to dreams, spirituality, occult, etc. I find prayer to be very powerful and I believe we have much more power than we realize. I believe we are beings of energy, that we can use the power of our souls to heal or hurt. We all have the seeds to create or destroy, to mend or to damage, within our hearts and it is up to us as to which ones we cultivate and which ones we let stay dormant.

It is very natural for me to play a character than is powerful, capable of doing considerable damage and at the same time capable of considerable healing. Even as a shadow priest does damage she heals herself and others. She uses her spiritual power for both shadow and healing spells. A shadow priest really is the closest class to what I believe and am drawn to in my personal life, and is a very good representation of me in a virtual world. Others may seek to hide behind insecurities, facades, or just outright lie. This is much more simple: I am who I am.

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