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Posted on 2011.02.02 at 23:35
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Maybe it's the weather, but that feeling of loneliness has crept back in to my life. It's not all encompassing like it was two years ago when everything seemed to fall apart, but it's there. I miss being a student, I miss my friends, I miss going places with my friends, I miss being able to share all the little things in my life.

I recently have gotten back into manga and anime and while I'm a lot happier I have no one here to share that interest with. I'd love to meet someone to discuss the characters and story lines with, to go to conventions with, to be excited about the next release with...でも、一人だ。

It's bad enough I already feel my fate is to remain alone, staying by the side of those I love wishing for their happiness. I've always felt this way...and I've always felt I belonged somewhere else. I've come to realize that "somewhere" is with that one special person. Someone I can share all my quirks with, someone who makes me smile and who I can make smile, someone who I don't need words to communicate with, someone who loves me for who I am and allows me to love them back.

でも、私のさだめじゃないと思います。  それでも、。。。まだのぞむ。。。

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