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Posted on 2011.01.30 at 02:00
Current Music: Firework ~Katy Perry
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So. My seventh graders. The other day I tuned a cello only to turn around to a sea of Sponge Bob Stickers on foreheads. It's amazing how fast they move. They proclaimed we should play the Sponge Bob theme song. So I said okay, we can play it for Cinco de Mayo. I don't know if they were expecting me to say no or thought I was joking or what. A few days later they started asking me about Firework by Katy Perry. I've been going crazy over the festival concert so I said I would have to listen to it first. They started emailing me about it on the school grading program (it lets them email teachers and each other, but is monitored by the district and can only be used for people at their school). So I looked it up.

At first I was like, fireworks from the chest...kinda cheesy. Then I saw the rest of the video. Two kids listening to parents fighting, an overweight girl at a pool party, a child with cancer, a gay boy at a club, a boy walking down the street gets jumped...while she's singing about how you feel and letting your colors burst and show 'em what you're worth the older child pushes the father off the mother, the girl strips to her underwear and joins the rest in the pool, the child leaves the hospital, the gay boy kisses another, and the boy mesmerizes the other kids with magic as they forget they jumped him.

Needless to say, I was impressed that this was the piece of music my kids wanted to learn to play. So often the stereotypical "teenage" music is thought of as pop and superficial--this was anything but. I could see every one of my kids in this music. In middle school they deal with so much crap and meanwhile are trying to discover themselves. To know that they are inspired by music to want to learn it...and to see what is really inside them makes me both impressed and so very proud.

So now I guess it's time for me to show them what I'm worth...

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