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What is Love

Posted on 2011.01.28 at 17:48
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I was posting on a forum about two characters who very obviously love each other, but people dispute it because the authors have not made the two *insert some physical demonstration of their "love" here*. Add to this the fact that the authors have repeatedly created stories that go beyond what is perceived as the "acceptable" relationships--several of their characters are in gay or lesbian relationships.

Anyway, while I was posting I realized the issue may lie within people's need for duality. Many believe in good vs. evil, light vs. dark, male vs. female, life vs. death. There is little if any fluidity. The authors, CLAMP, again and again write about fate and love using such subtle but undeniable symbolism that even when characters from one series encounter those from another in a different "life" or "reality" their souls remain the same.

In Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles there are two guys, Fai and Kurogane, that are depicted like this. They are complements of each other; they complete each other. People immediately jump onto the anti-gay bandwagon without even reading the story or paying attention to all the details the authors put into it. (Mainly the point isn't about being gay it's about realizing this is your soulmate.) But even those accepting of the relationship often seek to put one into the "male" role and the other into the "female" role. Someone voiced their frustration with another person's depiction of those roles. This is where the duality we have learned seeps into our common sense.

Nothing in life is black and white so why would relationships be? Whether it's two guys, two girls, or a guy and a girl...why must there be a "male" and "female" role? It doesn't even exist in nature--some species will switch to fulfill the needed role and it is not consistent if it is the male or female who, for example, takes care of the young. Take this further to right and wrong...how many times have we seen or done the "right" thing only to feel how wrong it was? Or the opposite?

Some belief systems say that we all have seeds of good and evil within us...and we must water the seeds we want to develop and let the others wither. But we must be mindful because we still have those seeds dormant inside us should we allow others to water them. Even those that belong to those religions or philosophies often still see good vs. evil, which feels to me as if they are missing the point. Is there really good and evil that we need to distinguish from in a human existence? I do believe in light and dark, but I do not think you are one or the other. I think we are all various shades in it--no one totally light or totally dark. Even if a devil exists and a human falls to the vices...there is still good inside that person. No one is totally dark. Moreover, if you look upon another with fear what seeds are you watering?

I think there is a fear of releasing ourselves from this confining view of the world...as if we would lose our morality if we rejected our dualistic views. But understanding the fluidity of life has nothing to do with the respect of it. We still much look upon each other with compassion and respect; we still must learn and grow; and concepts such as love will still exist. How very limiting fear is...and how sad that we hold on to it like it is the only light in the darkness--when if we would just close our eyes and let go we'd see the sun rise and realize the darkness isn't what it appears.

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