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Come to the Edge...And They Flew

Posted on 2011.01.26 at 16:38
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For those that can't imagine why I teach, there's a saying that "for those that understand no explanation is necessary and for those that do not no explanation will suffice." Why waste my time trying to convince those that don't understand? Other than the few rare exceptions, what is the point of asking me anyway? Most of the time it is asked with a condescending tone and followed by "you are just so ____ and I hate to see you waste that," "you just have to work so hard," or "you could make so much more money by doing ____."

After years of being asked why I teach, why I teach where I teach, and why I teach music and other equally exasperating questions I finally have decided on the answer I will give, simply:

Because I believe it is important.

They don't get it and they likely never will.

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