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Another Chapter

Posted on 2005.07.31 at 18:04
Current Music: Sad Resolution~Separation /Michiru Ooshima
OH MY GOSH! My brain is demented. And that's all I'm going to say.

Edit: Okay, so when I first typed the end of this section I only had fifteen minutes before I had to leave. I have revised and added to it. However, the above statement still applies. I truly do have a sick mind.

“Let me go! Let go of me!” She struggled futilely against the hands that held her in place. “Let GO!”

Laughter, that stupid bone-chilling laughter was the only sound to accompany her struggle. Her mind raced for a way to break free. The hall was dark with no windows and no doors. Just the passage at the end and the beginning. Running would be useless. The hall was so narrow she probably couldn’t have moved far if she had broken free. And then suddenly, they were in an open room with a high ceiling. The only light came down from the sole opening in the center of the roof. She blinked, eyes adjusting to the moonlight as she tried to get a grasp on her surroundings. Vaguely, her brain told her they had stopped and her head was being pushed down.

“Welcome, Kiera, to the altar of Sammael.” The voice was rich and deep, almost musical and definately not what one would expect of a demon. She fought against the hand on her head to look up at its sound, her eyes only widening as she took in the sight before her.

He was tall and handsome. His hair was black and his eyes a sparkling blue, but there were no shadows around him. In fact, he seemed to glow against the darkness, as if illuminated by the weak moonlight shining down from heaven. He wore a fine robe of white trimmed with gold that seemed to glitter with each step he took. He reached out, taking her chin in his right hand, and to her surprise the touch was warm and soft, almost gentle.

“I apologize for how you were treated, but it was necessary to bring you here at all costs. You see, you are important to us and we could not risk losing you.” Then he smiled, and oh how the smile made every nerve in her body quiver. She tried to speak, only succeeeding in opening her mouth. “We have waited so long and been so patient. Finally, the hour is at hand and we can end this terrible suffering.” Her gaze followed his to a raised dias in the center of the room. Plain and pale white. It looked of death itself.

This time, she found her voice, “What...what do you want?” She shuddered as his hand caressed her cheek, but he only smiled at her. She closed her eyes and then his warmth left her as she was being pulled towards the center of the room. It was only then that she could see several fair figures in similar garb surrounding the room. Her heart froze as she reached the altar. The ruins on it were familiar. “No...” she whispered.

“Now my brothers, is the day...the hour in which we shall once again rejoin with what was taken from us. Our sins will be washed away in blood and our names written once more in the Book of Life. The Light shall once again shine upon us kindly. Countless generations have passed and now it is time for us to reclaim our souls, to remember who we truly are. Come with me my brothers, and free yourselves from this hell!”

Listening to the speech, she found herself unable to move, eyes fixated on the carvings etched into the plaster. She felt warmth again; her arms were being lifted and she felt his breath upon her neck...so close she could almost feel his lips. Despite her fear she shuddered at the closeness. “You, my child, are going to save us. Your blood,” he ran one hand down her arm to caress her cheek again, “is all we require. Look, the moon is almost ready for you.” She gazed upward, the moon was almost directly overhead. Her eyes skyward, she felt his warmth envelope her, her arms being gently let down as she relaxed into his embrace, into her fate.

“You were born here, do you remember?” Her eyes widened and she gasped.

A scream filled the air. “Hold on, just hold on. You’re almost there Jun, just hold on!” Another scream. The room was dark and the moon was high, illuminating the only piece of furniture in the room. The small stone altar upon which the woman writhed. Another scream and a push. “Just a little more Jun.” There was blood everywhere, filling the runes etched in the stone beneath her. Perhaps it was an unseen energy or perhaps it was simply the freshness of the blood that gave her the warmth to continue. “One more Jun.” This scream lasted longer, filled with effort and desparation and then...

“So you do remember.” She blinked from her reverie and retracted her hand back from the smooth surface. “You were born for this. This is your destiny.” She closed her eyes, still feeling his warmth wrapped around her. He placed in her hand a dagger. It had runes of a language she didn’t know written all along the blade and hilt, but somehow she seemed to understand. ‘Through pain and love a child is born. The sun and the moon shall birth the child’s soul into life, but the child is from the sun in heaven. From destruction comes life and life shall fall in death. And the child is returned to pain and love.’

Slowly, warm hands guided hers to slide the blade along her left palm, then her right. “Now you must illuminate our names with the Sun.” Almost blindly, she dropped her blood, her life, into the runes etched in the stone. Speaking aloud the names they represented. “Lucifuges, Marchocias, Paimon...” Slowly the altar was covered each name etched in the stone filled with her living blood.

“Now, my child, is the time for your greatest hour. Take with you our love to fly you to your resting place amongst the stars.” He helped her climb unto the altar. Her legs shaky from the loss of blood and her body sticky with its clotting. She swallowed heavily, her eyes heavy, but there was one thing left to do and then she could finally rest...her struggle would finally be at an end. She opened her mouth, holding the knife when suddenly she remembered...

“Who is she?”
“Raziel’s child.”
“It is forbidd–“
“It was necessary. We are unable to stop them alone.”
“But this goes against...it makes you no better than they!”
“It was necessary. This task is one for a human, not an angel.”
“Did you teach her? Did you tell her?”
“There was not time before...”
“Then it is up to her...I will go.”

‘There’s something more...something I’m missing, but what is it? He pulled me back before I could find out.’
‘Who’s that? Was that a voice? I must have lost too much blood. I should hurry and finish this.’
‘Kiera, please remember.’
‘Who are you?’
‘Remember, child. Your life is not meant to end here.’
‘But...I...’ But she heard no more from the voice.

She squinted at the bright light. It was brighter than even the sun. She heard screaming voices everywhere, people were running and dying. Something sounded like...a raging water, and suddenly it filled the streets and the voices were silent. “Jun, you did it! She’s here!” A releived gasp echoed in the room. The moonlight illuminated the greusome scene as the woman collapsed back onto the stone. “Take her and I will finish.” After the woman had been gently lifted and carried away, “Then, we can go home.” The child looked at him with curious eyes, never crying. He laid her on the alter and stared down at eyes full of trust and love, complete innocence. Suddenly the room was filled with brilliant light, and the child started to cry. The feeling of feathers tickling her face made her squirm and the crying subsided into giggles. “Forgive me my child. Remember this day, for you must stop the destruction this world will see again. The war in heaven cannot be brought again to earth. Remember who you are.” And with that, a small dagger sliced the child’s left shoulder. It cried out in pain as its blood mingled with the mother’s. “Forgive me.”

“Kiera...it is almost time, the moon is almost overhead.” That warm voice...she remembered that voice.

“Now, you will die.”

Looking up at the moon, she covered her shoulder and then looked down at the voice. She saw the same fair figure, so beautiful in the moonlight and free of shadows, but inside she felt no light. There was only darkness in his heart.

“Oh great watchers...Formalhaut, Regulus, Aldebaran, Antares, please hear my prayer. Salilus, open the gate and prepare for what is at hand. Raziel, pull back the viel and let these fallen angels see what they have lost.” She began carving a rune into her chest...a star. “Take my life, though it be small, in exchange. Let the names illuminated in my blood come forth.” And a circle around it. “Let their torment come to an end. For they are stained with pride and envy,” and she turned her face into the dark room barely making out shapes with the bright moonlight surrounding her. “I ask you, do not forsake them. Remember their oaths.”

As she spoke a light as bright as day appeared where the moon should be. The four stars, North South East and West glowed dim in comparison, outlining the passage to heaven behind her. The opening coming closer and closer, becoming brighter. You could hear the excited movement, anticipating the next few moments. “Take their souls and hold them at judgement!” As she completed the second circle, she prepared to feel the knife passed into her chest, only to be restrained. There was a bright light and she remembered no more.

The light came down, brighter than the Sun piercing the darkness and forcing the human bodies to burn at the touch. Many fled, but the light chased them. Those that did not burn were inflicted with a death from inside, blood flowing out of the body uncontrollably. One couldn’t say if the light itself was red with blood, or if it was merely the reflection of its destruction. Screaming filled the room along with the sounds of running. When she woke, the sun was still shining through the ceiling, but its glow was a dimming red. Shakily she tried to sit up. In the back of her mind she knew something was not right. And the bloody stone was against her bare skin.

“So, you did remember. How unfortunate.” She tried to move, but found she was being held. The faces that once were serene and fair were now burned and twisted, almost like the beasts in stories. She struggled, but she was took weak. “You tried to seal the passage thinking you have the power to close the gate forever and erase our names?” She shuddered as his fingers trailed down her cheek and along her throat. “You are a fool, that seal will not hold. And we have other means of opening it.” Those fingers became more clawlike as they slid down her chest over her breast. “You remembered, but not enough. You acted on intuition, but you do not know the true seal.” That voice, still warm and smooth as fresh honey, filled her ears, “However, we must repay you for your kind words. You know, it was such a pleasure killing your father. He should have been cast down with us. He was the one that held the book, the knowledge that we passed on.” His body was covering hers and although his breath was still warm, it was foul. His hands continued to claw further down. “But he was remained where we could not. His body was destroyed, but we could not destroy him. We can destroy you.”

“Never.” Even turning her face from his, nose to nose with hers, she could still smell his breath. “You can destroy this body, but you will not destroy my soul. You almost tricked me once, but not again.”

That laughter filled her ears, that terrible rich dark laughter. Full of life and death, a promise of pain and torment but with the promise of hope. Hope that only lead to despair, but kept your sanity. She screamed as his claws entered first. Squeezing her eyes shut on the pain, trying desparately to escape the holds on her, but only causing more pain for her efforts. The laughter continued endlessly. “There is more than one way to break a person’s spirit.”

When it was over, she laid there, quivering. Her mind told her she should be hungry, but her pain was far greater than hunger. Images of their faces, the feeling of their claws against her skin, slicing and piercing in a gentle caress. The memory of them moving, endlessly moving, tearing more with each thrust. Shadows were everywhere and she couldn’t open her eyes anymore. She sobbed against the stone, no longer heated by motion, but only her own body. Through it all, his laughter rang above all other voices, “It has been so long since we were denied the pleasures of the flesh.” “So pale and innocent, just like a virgin.”

She closed her eyes on her thoughts, only remember the feelings. Then she remembered the taste, the many hands that had fallen on her when they suddenly spoke of her brother, knowing she could no longer fight back. Then they had left her, too weak to move or fight and certainly too weak to leave. The would be back, but she knew where they had gone. She had to stop them...she had to. With every muscle in her body protesting, she forced herself up and off the altar, stumbling down to the floor. Again she forced herself up. She took the dagger from the floor and started to walk. Anything was better than waiting for their return. Even if she died trying, she had to try. The Sun’s light was nearly dimmed, but as she left the room, the names had smoothed out into nearly the same smoothness as the stone.


“Duncan...what’s wrong with her?”
He had just come from speaking with the doctor and his skin was particularly pale.
“Duncan, did you hear me!?” the boy said, more insistent. “The cuts along her arms and even her chest aren’t that deep. They bleed a lot, but they were superficial themselves. Why is she sleeping so long? Are you even listening?”

But he was lost in the words her had just heard, remembering the feeling in his stomach and the wrenching that sent him to the toilet three times before he could stand to face her brother. ‘Kiera’s wounds on the outside are not so bad...but the ones within I fear she will carry her whole life.’
‘What do you mean doctor? What happened to her?’
‘I do not know exactly, but she was raped. Repeatedly by the looks of it and in just about every sense of the word I can think of. She even has bruising on the back of her throat.’
‘Excuse me...I...’ He barely made it through the door in time as his body rejected his lunch. He looked in the mirror as he rinsed his mouth and tried to calm his stomach. He sighed at the circles developing under his eyes and went back to the doctor.
The doctor only nodded, ‘We are doing blood tests to be safe. However...’
‘Whoever did this to her, it was more than just rape or control. This person wanted to destroy her. I’m not sure what was used, but the damage to her uterus is extensive. I don’t think we’ll–‘
For the second time his stomach rebelled against his brain, sending him running from the room.

“What happened? What did he say?”
“There were...injuries inside that need time to heal.”
“What type of injuries?”
He paled even more. “That’s not what matters Aidan. She’s going to need your–“
“She and I have never kept anything from each other before! She wouldn’t want to start now.”
“What did the doctor say!? What is goin...Duncan, you feel okay? You...hey, DUNCAN!”

When he woke he noticed he was in a warm bed. His memory was foggy as he looked around. ‘A hospital? Why did I...’ His eyes fell on the bed beside him. ‘Oh.’
“You’re awake. Please...it must have been horrible what happened to her if YOU fainted. I need to know.”
“I...I don’t know how to tell you.”
“Do you think it will be easier for her to tell me?” His voice almost cracked.
“Please...she’s my sister. My only family. I need to know so I can help her. Please.” The boy’s voice was nearly begging, ready to admit defeat. Perhaps that was the reason he felt compelled to answer.
“She was raped, Aidan. Her body was terribly abused and ...mutilated.” He fought the twisting inside. “She probably won’t be able to have kids. I don’t know how she will react when she wakes up.”
The boys eyes were filled with tears as he studied his hands playing with the blanket. “I don’t know how to help her...I...I’m sorry Duncan. I shouldn’t have pushed. I...”
“Aidan, as you said, the two of you have never had secrets and together you have been through a lot. We just have to be there for her as much as we can.”
He smirked, “knowing her she’ll just push us away and throw herself mindlessly into some solitary quest.”
For the first time all day Duncan relaxed. “Yeah...”

© Kalla August 1, 2005

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